New Zealand police take cutest trespasser of all time into custody

steve the seal

Photo via Talia Shadwell/Twitter

Charges include napping while being too dang cute.

Police in Wellington, New Zealand took the cutest trespasser we’ve ever seen into custody on Friday.

The young seal pup appears to have been looking for a cozy place to catch some shuteye. He was napping under a car in the Wellington Police Maritime Unit car park when a passerby spotted his sweet little face.

Senior Sergeant Dave Houston said, “We went to see and he was under the car. He’s a little fella.”

After questioning the car’s owner, police concluded that the pup was on his own.

Cute as he may be, loitering is loitering. So police took him in and named him Steve.

Department of Conservation staff told the officers that Steve is about the age at which mothers set pups free to explore alone. Of course, they tend to get tired while taking on the world. Hence the nap.

The DOC plan to take the seal to the south coast and release it back into the wild.

Too late for those of us who’ve seen pics of the little fella. We are totally aww-struck.

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