Hilarious autocorrect fail hijacks iPad Air 2 presentation

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Let’s hear it for autocorrect’s subversive sneak attacks.

During an Apple town hall on its Cupertino, Calif., campus this week, French developers Jeff Boudier and François Lagunas flubbed a high-profile iPad Air 2 presentation. The aim was to preach about the wonders of their Replay App—veritably ingenious software that automatically pulls your iPhone videos and arranges a customizable, c’est magnifique home movie in seconds.

But when Lagunas embedded his custom text, the phrase “Utah road trip” autocorrected to the entirely innocuous “It’s road trip.”

His reaction is priceless.

Almost as funny, Apple opted to edit the moment out for its official video (check the 55-minute mark). You can picture executive brass fuming in a back room somewhere: “We must abolish every trace of ‘It’s road trip’ post-haste!”

The original clip caught wind on Reddit and feels like an imminent meme. A GIF of the guy’s reaction maybe? Done. Hashtag blowing up on Twitter? Done.

Or simply “It’s road trip” as instant slang: emblematic of societal opulence coming to its knees before its smarter machines.

“Damn, this Uber is late,” says the hypothetical urbanite. His friend shrugs, “It’s road trip, bro.”

Screengrab via YouTube

Ramon Ramirez

Ramon Ramirez

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