A Facebook prank ends with an apology from a red-faced education minister.


An Australian politician made a public apology after he liked a Facebook photo in which a teen joker sneakily exposed his genitals without realising the boy was doing so.

Peter Collier, minister for education in Western Australia, liked the photo of the then 16-year-old in late 2011. The teen was fully clothed and standing next to an older man, except he gave anyone with a sharp eye a full view of his testicles.

The boy was playing a prank called “sneaky nuts,” popularized by comedian Chris Lilley in his show Angry Boys. The show features a character who wrecks group photos by exposing himself in a subtle way. Think photo-balling instead of photobombing.

Collier was unaware the teen played the joke until a journalist brought it to his attention Thursday.

“This obviously highlights the pitfalls of social media,” he said in a statement reported by the Associated Press. “I apologise if I caused any offense.”

The teen last month bragged on Twitter about fooling Collier, with whom he was Facebook friends. The boy was apparently a member of the Young Liberals, the youth division of Collier’s Liberal party.

Sneaky nuts has caused headaches for others, including a Catholic school in Canada, which had to place stickers over a photo in 1,300 yearbooks when a student played the prank. Even the meme’s creator has seen it backfire on him. Sharing a sneaky nuts photo on Facebook led to a temporary ban from the social network for Lilley.

Photo via TheRowdon/YouTube

NSFW Sneaky Nuts meme leads to Facebook ban
Comedian Chris Lilley not only coined Sneaky Nuts, in which men casually expose themselves in group photos, he helps share the images online.
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