Woman goes viral for showing bullies laughing at her in TikTok


‘You can’t dox people because they were sort of mean to you one time’: Viral TikTok sparks debate about doxing (updated)

Part of the internet's response was to review-bomb an alleged employer.


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Posted on Apr 24, 2023   Updated on Apr 27, 2023, 5:23 pm CDT

A viral video showing several young women appearing to mock the person recording it has gone viral and led to a greater debate about doxxing, bullying, and the increasing lack of privacy people appear to have in public.

A couple of days ago, TikToker @jackielabonita posted a video she took while attending a Houston Astros game. Wearing an Astros jersey and what looks to be a replica Astros World Series ring, she strikes several poses to post on social media. But getting those photos takes time, and her efforts to capture those images caught the notice of two women sitting behind her. And not only did they notice, but according to @jackielabonita, they appeared to mock her for it.

“Watch my confidence disappear after these random girls make fun of me taking pictures,” @jackielabonita wrote in a caption that appears on the TikTok video.

@jackielabonita Please be nice #meangirls #meangirlvibes ♬ The Loser – Verzache

In the edited video, one of the women flips off the camera and appears to roll her eyes. She takes out her phone—@jackielabonita believes she’s filming— and says “Laaaaaaaameeee.” Both women make faces and start laughing. @jackielabonita says she can hear their entire conversation and that she can tell they’re talking about her.

“Feeling super self conscious,” she wrote. “I wanted to cry.”

@jackielabonita’s video went viral, and over the past two days, it’s been viewed over 34.7 million times; a reupload on Twitter was viewed at least 11.7 million times before the account that posted it went private. Cardi B was among those who shared an opinion on the video: She quote-tweeted the Twitter reupload and commented, “I would of put that ring to use.”

It didn’t take long for people on TikTok and Twitter to identify the two women in the video and contact their alleged employers. Screenshots shared on social media indicated that one business was review-bombed on Google. Those reviews appear to have been removed, but the business is now listed as being “permanently closed.” The two women have deleted their Instagram accounts.

In a deleted TikTok that’s been reuploaded by other TikTokers, @stephano_z—who is dating one of the women—had harsher words for @jackielabonita, who he accused of posting the video for social media clout; he walks through the video, indicating that one of the women felt uncomfortable by @jackielabonita filming them. He shared footage of some of the harassing comments they received and adds that he finds it ridiculous that he has because the women don’t want to be on camera.

“The fact that you’re getting away with this with a fake story, getting people on your side, getting people harassing the girls in this video is absolutely disgusting,” he said. “Not to mention the things that these girls could lose just because you want some likes and followers on TikTok.”

In a different video, he called out the people review-bombing the business because they believed it employed one of the women in the video and asked them to take the reviews down.

“Also, for all of y’all leaving hate, I just don’t understand how y’all are standing against bullying and then literally cyberbullying every single person that’s not even involved in this and going as far as to take down a company, just because y’all thought she worked there,” @stephano_z said. “We just need to be better. Being completely honest. We as a community need to do better.”


I will never turn my comments off and i stand by what i say. So feel free to ask me anything

♬ original sound – Stephano

Jocelyn Carreno posted a video about the situation because, for a time, TikTok’s search bar seemed to suggest that she was one of the women making fun of @jackielabonita in the video because one of Carreno’s videos was a top result. As a result, Carreno was bullied for a time, despite other commenters pointing out that it wasn’t Carreno.

“I don’t know guys, just don’t spread hate,” Carreno said. “Get your facts straight before—you guys are coming at someone else because it was clearly not me. We look nothing alike, which is so funny because I’m like, dude, how? This girl and me look nothing alike.”

@jocelynxcarreno My sister and cousin were supposed to be here but stuff happened. This was a funny yet scary experience, never thought all those hate comments would actually get to me yall! There was a alot of people that began to realize that they got the wrong person and erased their comments, also s/o to those strangers that stood up for me in the comments. And for those who were commenting, very sad because you guys came at total strangers that had no idea of what was going on. #spreadlovenothate #jackielabonita #bullyingawareness #fyp ♬ original sound – Jocelyn Carreno

On Twitter, people called out the women for how they acted and imagined how they’d act in that situation, as much of the same information floating around TikTok ended up on Twitter too.

But the conversation went beyond the question of bullying and questioned whether it was OK for people to dox the women in the video and contact their employers to try getting them fired.

“So many people on here and tiktok just simply do not believe that people who acted like kind of a dick one time still have a right to work and support themselves,” @mandolakes tweeted. “Not even someone being a bigot, just acting kinda shitty when filmed in public = you don’t deserve to have a job.”

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Update 1:31pm CT, April 27: Since the initial TikTok went viral, the women filmed in the background of @jackielabonita’s TikTok posted two videos sharing their side of the story. Those videos, which appear to have been deleted from the original account but were reposted on the site, initially note that any apology notes or videos circulating online before this one was not from them. The game where this happened took place on April 19, several days before the initial TikTok went online.

According to Liz (the woman seen flipping off the camera in the original TikTok), a man who she said was Jackie’s husband started filming them for at least five to 10 minutes after she and Alondra (the other woman in the video) participated in a mini-game and was in a section reserved for college students who bought tickets to the game. When she flipped off the camera, it was directed toward the man filming, who made them feel uncomfortable.

“Yes, I do acknowledge that my behavior was inappropriate, but keep in mind, any woman, any young lady at a public area would feel harassed, especially because this older man was recording us,” Liz said. “And it wasn’t just one, two, three. It was five, 10, 15 minutes.”

@face4sss Part 1 liz and alondra “official” apology All credit to @elocinferr#lizandalondra ♬ original sound – face4sss

Alondra, who said she wasn’t initially aware of what was happening, decided to photobomb the video once she realized she and Liz were being recorded. But she doesn’t feel the reaction they’ve gotten for photobombing—including death threats, calls for them to kill themselves, and their personal information such as their home addresses being leaked—was warranted.

In a second video, they called out the people who harassed a company people thought employed one of them and Jackie for how she’s handled the situation since, including using her already substantial following to get more followers and posting an Instagram comment telling people to calm down (which they said was later deleted).

@face4sss I’ll keep it a buck with you, Liz and Alondra shouldve claimed the chat gpt accusations… cuz this is worse I in no way condone bullying or harassmet I just believe these girls are blatantly trying to run from accountability and ppl are getting heated. Its okay to hold them accountable esp if they are trying to gaslight the whole United States of America🤦🏽‍♀️#lizandjackie ♬ original sound – face4sss

“You knew that we were gonna get hate, you knew that you were gonna get hyped up, and that made you feel good,” Alondra said. “And that made you feel good. And you have your right to do that. But you knowing that our families are being contacted—because you even posted your own comment…you knew that it was getting out of hand. What did you do? You’re still letting it happen, you still have the video up…and you deleted the comment where you’re telling people to calm down, not agreeing with the death threats. You deleting that, that says more about you. And if you’re going to take down all the comments, then why don’t you just delete the video?”

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*First Published: Apr 24, 2023, 3:01 pm CDT