iphone about to be plugged in

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Don’t worry, they went right back to watching porn.

There’s nothing quite as sexy as a new iPhone. Not even sex.

Pornhub, the world’s largest porn provider, is able to show us all sorts of interesting data through it’s SFW website, Pornhub Insights. The company recently discovered that when Apple announced the new iPhone 7, people took a short break from pleasuring themselves to see all the fancy new features. Then they quickly returned to watch even more porn, either to make up for lost time, or because they were really turned on by all that tech talk.

Viewings from iPhones and iPads make up 35 percent of Pornhub’s total audience, so we’re talking about a pretty significant number of people here. Likewise, Pornhub found that viewing on Safari, the default web browser on all Apple devices, fell by almost 9 percent.

Once Apple fans take their hands off their genitals long on enough to get their hands on their new phones, no doubt traffic will increase even more, what with the longer battery life of the latest device. 

Also, thanks to the new brighter screen, those fake boobs are going to look more real than ever.

Screengrab via Pornhub

H/T Pornhub Insights

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