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A sticky situation.

There are a lot of customers out there angry over their shoddy purchases. Thankfully, we have Amazon reviews as place for them to release their frustrations—because the results are typically hilarious.

Take for example this post to r/Facepalm. Redditor magicalheartsweets spotted a handful of people that weren’t at all happy with what appears to be some sort of cosmetic glue. But they didn’t necesssarily have a substantial problem with the product itself. Instead, they just couldn’t figure out how to get the adhesive out of the tube. As magicalheartsweets bluntly puts it in the title of the Reddit post, “You’re supposed to cut the end off of the tube.”

Meanwhile, there are all these salty people leaving one-star reviews and writing things like “waste of money” or the best one, “FAKEEEEEEEE DO NOT PURCHASE” with a bunch of exclamation points tacked on to the end. 

It’s unfortunate these people couldn’t figure out the product—perhaps they spent too much time sniffing glue back in the day. 

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