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Alicia Keys does not understand how to use an iPad

She’s either really bad at iPads… or a genius who will revolutionize tablet use. 


Molly McHugh

Internet Culture

Oh Alicia Keys. Dear, sweet, sweet Alicia Keys. The former Creative Director at Blackberry (I’d like to take this moment to appoint myself Creative Director of the grilled cheese sandwich I’m eating) was spotted this weekend making some very strange personal choices.

First was the fact that she went for a jog with an iPad. And that she was using said iPad as an iPod.

Then she committed the cardinal sin of taking a selfie with an iPad.

And then asked someone else to take a picture of her with her iPad.


Well, we’ve learned a lot about you today, Alicia. First of all, you’re clearly too loyal to iOS products to rep Blackberry. How you creatively direct for something you don’t use certainly sounds like a challenge! Second of all, if you’re using your tablet at the pre-toddler level, then maybe you weren’t a great fit for that position anyway.

The only other conclusion I can surmise from all this is that running with an iPad is a great forearm workout and she’s going to laugh her way to the bank with a patented line of equipment based on this fitness routine. 

H/T Daily Mail | Photo via Walmart Corporation/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


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