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Go on a beer run without leaving your lounge chair with Saucey

This adult-beverage delivery service hooks you up.


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Shoot. You just realized you don’t have enough rum to make this next batch of mojitos. You could’ve sworn you had another bottle around here … Hmm. Guess Sunday Funday’s over. Unless, of course, you call in the heroes at Saucey.

Saucey, if you haven’t already guessed, is a delivery service that will bring you liquor, beer, wine, mixers, and even snacks in some markets. We don’t mean you order what you want online and then wait for it to process and ship and arrive over a few days (although that is an option: 2-day and ground shipping is available in California and New York). Saucey hooks you up on the same day, often in around 30 minutes. It’s like going on a beer run, but you don’t run. Or walk. Or move much at all actually.

This on-demand alcohol delivery service partners with local liquor stores around the country to provide a unique menu and exceptional service to customers. Using their app or website, you pop in your zip code, and Saucey will show you the goods. Place your order and try to wait patiently—that pitcher will be full again in no time.

If this whole arrangement sounds good to you, particularly for your Distanced Girl Summer, then you’re sure to be down with the current voucher offer of $50 worth of Saucey delivery for just $34.99 (a discount of 30% if you’re into the whole math thing). That voucher is for sure the best value, but if you’re not really looking to drop that much dough right now, we’ve got your back. You can take advantage of a $30 voucher for $22.99 (23% savings) or the $20 option that costs $15.99 (20% off). 

Prices subject to change.

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