A-1 announces meat-scented candles, and Twitter thinks it’s deliciously weird


A-1 steak sauce just introduced the perfect gift for your dad in time for Father’s Day on June 17: meat-scented candles.

Three scents are on the menu: Original Meat, Backyard BBQ, and Classic Burger, which the website promises will leave your friends both hungry and happy. If the candles really smell as real as A-1 promises, this product could compel shoppers to inevitably buy more steak-sauce once they start craving meat. Each candle costs $15.

The candles obviously move away from more traditional scents—like flowers, the ocean breeze, or even cookies—and the announcement left folks on Twitter unsure how to feel.


Of course, just because the candle has been promoted as the perfect masculine gift for fathers, we’re sure there are some ladies out there who would enjoy their home smelling like a burger all day long.

The website’s advice to “grab it while it’s hot” was no joke, either—all three flavors are already sold out.

Editor’s note: This article has been revised to remove similarities to Mashable’s original report.

Tess Cagle

Tess Cagle

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