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16 crazy things you should never do with a GoPro

Don’t try this at home. Seriously.


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Though a GoPro camera can withstand a rocket blast, you never want to deliberately break it. Here are 16 ridiculous and shocking things you should never do with a GoPro.

1. Leave it in the wild for a fox to munch on

2. Attach it to a drone and fly it close to a very angry ram

You want to see how angry this ram gets? Click here.

3. Feed it to a very, very hungry bear

4. Tempt a great white shark

5. Ram a truck with it

6. Put it under your skateboard


7. Fly it into the finale of a fireworks show

8. Use it to record footage of a hectic highway birth

9. Tend to a newborn at the hospital

10. Attach it to a pumpkin and launch it

11. Go ‘sewer surfing’ with it attached to your forehead

12. Fly too close to a bass player

13. Accidentally drop the GoPro from 12,000 feet in the air

14. Take this insane selfie

Read more about this crazy selfie here.

15. Record while going way over the speed limit

16. Last but certainly not least, record a robbery with a GoPro. Um, WTF?!

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