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11 times The Rock completely ignored me on Twitter in 2015

He’s a busy guy.


Feliks Garcia

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is more than a movie star. He’s the embodiment of the American Dream, proof that anybody can break through even the toughest times—whether they’re suffering from crippling depression with only seven dollars in their pocket (I’ve been there), or doing that extra bit of work to get in one more rep (been there, too).

When I first took an interest in The Rock’s life and career, it was admittedly tinged with some irony, until I actually watched the man train, learned his life story, and began to honor his athleticism, hard work, and optimism.

The Rock is who I aspire to become.

Since I started my strength and conditioning training, essentially chiseling my body from a shapeless slab of stone to something more Rock-like, I have looked to Mr. Johnson for guidance on the social media website The Internet is the great unifier, connecting celebrities like The Rock to a Joe Lunchpail like myself, so I address my daily fitness diary to @TheRock, knowing that he could see it and possibly respond to my very important questions.

I developed a relationship with The Rock through my tweets over the course of four years, before realizing that my letters and admiration for him had fallen on deaf ears. I had regarded him as an uncle of sorts, only to realize that, through his silence, he would show himself to be more like my actual absent family than I had expected.

But I remain steadfast and know that if I put in as much hard work as The Rock does during his 4am gym sessions, I will finally get the response I’m looking for—the one I deserve.

So upon combing through my fitness diaries, I determined that these 11 tweets warrant some acknowledgement from my personal hero and confidant, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

1) When my lats got too big for my jacket

He seriously never mentioned anything about this.

2) When I busted my lifting belt doing deadlifts

Not even a “Congrats, buddy”?

3) When I wished him well after he lost a pet

We all mourn differently.

4) When he saved the day that one time

Would have been dope if this scene made the final cut.

5) When the weight of life was too heavy to get in a good workout

I really could have used some solid advice from an old friend that day.

6) When I tried to exploit our friendship to get that big story

Doesn’t that sound like a fun read, though?

7) When I joined an exclusive fraternity

I wouldn’t be a member of any club The Rock doesn’t also belong to.

8) When he popped into my workout for a cameo without saying “hello”

I get it. He was staying in character.

9) When I needed some diet tips after a sedentary junk food weekend

How does somebody recover from a glorious weekend like that?

10) When I wasn’t the hardest worker in the gym—and I knew it

11) When I congratulated him for adding another little pebble to the Rock family

Now that he has a newborn, I’m 100 percent sure he won’t be getting back to me any time soon. 

Illustration by Bruno Moraes

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