Here’s what happens when you light 10,000 sparklers at the same time

Sparklers are fun when you’re a kid, but as you grow up they kind of lose their punch. Unless of course you put 10,000 of them in a bucket and light them all at once.

Screengrab via SlivkiShow/YouTube

At least that’s what the host of YouTube‘s Slivki Show decided when he made this epic firework with the help, or more likely hindrance, of his adorable cat, who we assume is Slivki.

Screengrab via SlivkiShow/YouTube

Watching Slivki crawl around while her owner constructs this monster is fun, but the real payoff comes in around the 1:53 mark when he actually lights the thing.

It starts out a little slow…

But then really takes off…

Until it reaches monstrous proportions,

and, of course, sets the field on fire.

Luckily they came prepared for that eventuality.  

We don’t recommend trying this yourself, but if you going to anyway, take a tip from these guys: Bring at least two fire extinguishers and leave the cat at home.

Happy new year.

H/T Gizmondo | Screengrab via SlivkiShow/YouTube

David Britton

David Britton

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