Racism is the poor treatment of—or violence against—people because of their race. It also often refers to the belief that one race is superior to another, with the dominant racial group benefiting from the oppression of that group or person. Video, captured via phone and spread via the Internet, has shed a light on instances of racism and violence that were once hidden in society.

Exposed penises and anti-Muslim rhetoric: A list of ‘Green Book’ controversies
Let us count the ways the Golden Globe-winning film is problematic.
Black journalist says she was told her natural hair was ‘unprofessional’
Brittany Noble says speaking out against discrimination eventually led to her termination.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says there is ‘no question’ Trump is a racist
She made the remarks during a '60 Minutes' interview.
White woman threatens Black family with knife, racial slurs over parking spot
'This b**ch is really trying to stab me,' the mother said with her baby in the car.
#GiftBoxBobby goes viral for berating Macy’s employee over her race
We're ending the year with #GiftBoxBobby
White referee makes Black high school wrestler cut dreads to compete
The look on the student's face says it all.
Trump officials withheld abortion from raped migrant teen
Instead, she went to a facility that gave her Bible verses and 'appropriate drawings to color.'
Prada’s racist toys pulled from shelves after social media backlash (updated)
The accessory evoked tired anti-Black tropes.
Viral video shows Brooklyn woman’s racist tirade and violent attack
The victim says she’s grateful that there were people on the train who helped her.
2018 was the year the ‘alt-right’ failed
What the movement lost in rally turnout, it gained in debts and Twitter bans.
Miss USA thought everyone spoke English—and the internet is not amused
As if the country didn't have enough to be embarrassed about.
Parents shocked by KKK costumes in school play
'The KKK walked into my kid's school Friday and I didn't get to stop it.'
10 bigots and creeps who got what they deserved in 2018
When bad things happen to bad people, it’s hard not to smile.
Family says racist bullying led to 9-year-old’s suicide
The bullying was reportedly about her friendship with a white boy.
Columbia University student goes on white supremacy rant in viral video
'White people are the best thing that happened to the world.'
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