Racism is the poor treatment of—or violence against—people because of their race. It also often refers to the belief that one race is superior to another, with the dominant racial group benefiting from the oppression of that group or person. Video, captured via phone and spread via the Internet, has shed a light on instances of racism and violence that were once hidden in society.

White women wear hoodies to mall to test if dress code targets Black men
They were not kicked out, unlike the group of Black teens who did the same.
Professors are policing Black bodies in classrooms, too
Add this biology prof to the list of white women calling the cops on Black people for no good reason.
Black teen accused of stealing while doing psychology assignment on race
This experiment took a depressing, scary turn.lor.
Black security guard who stopped bar shooting killed by police arriving on the scene
'They basically saw a Black man with a gun and killed him,' said one witness.
High school prom photo shows large group giving Nazi salute
The school reportedly has an ongoing problem with racism.
Black teen arrested for wearing a hoodie in a mall
The Black man who recorded the incident was arrested as well.
Senator running against Black candidate makes public hanging ‘joke’
Somehow everyone else is in the wrong for making her statement about public hangings negative...
Steve King did, in fact, call immigrants ‘dirt’
King originally denied making the statements.
Bernie Sanders gets dragged for not calling racist behaviors ‘racist’
The senator's supporters said the remark was published out of context.
GoFundMe surges for band teacher who punched racist student
The confrontation escalated and went viral.
White men: Look in the mirror before criticizing white women voters
White men love criticizing everyone but themselves.
High school marching band spells out racist slur during halftime show
The school principal said the students involved will be disciplined.
White law student at HBCU uses N-word on Facebook
Morgan Kendall is a white student at an HBCU.
Viral photos show Idaho school staff dressed as Mexicans, cardboard border wall
People are calling for the staff members to be fired.
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