Racism is the poor treatment of—or violence against—people because of their race. It also often refers to the belief that one race is superior to another, with the dominant racial group benefiting from the oppression of that group or person. Video, captured via phone and spread via the Internet, has shed a light on instances of racism and violence that were once hidden in society.

Syracuse students say white supremacist manifesto was AirDropped to them
Syracuse University has been plagued by a string of racist incidents within the past month.
Will.i.am claims ‘racist’ flight attendant called police on him
He posted the flight attendant's name on Twitter.
Black server says manager refused to discipline co-workers who sent racist receipt
The server said co-workers sent him a food order with the N-word.
Video shows driver yelling N-word at Black woman in road rage incident 
He has allegedly been fired from his workplace.
Black Facebook employees say company racism has ‘gotten worse’
'Facebook is not doing the best it can.'
White tourist filmed shouting homophobic, racist slurs
'He shouted at everybody and said the most horrible things.'
Stephen Miller’s racist emails leak
Trump aide pushed racist ideology, website amid 900 emails to right-wing blog Breitbart.
Restaurant of owner who enslaved, tortured Black man getting review bombed 
J&J Cafeteria is getting review bombed after its owner received a 10-year sentence for forced labor.
‘Take it off!’: Crowd forces women to remove KKK costumes
The women, who are reportedly Latina, wore KKK hoods with the blood drop cross.
Man says 62-year-old threw acid on his face in racist attack
It started with a parking dispute.
White supremacists filmed propaganda video at Emmett Till’s memorial
The new memorial has a bulletproof case and a security system for precisely this reason.
College students facing backlash for dressing up as various homeless individuals
The Halloween costumes depict a homeless immigrant and a homeless veteran with prostate cancer.
Artist resigns after depicting children in nooses for Halloween decorations
The brown paper dolls looked like racist caricatures.
Gina Rodriguez has said N-word before, Twitter discovers
In what appears to be an old comedy sketch, Rodriguez calls a Black man the N-word.
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