Racism is the poor treatment of—or violence against—people because of their race. It also often refers to the belief that one race is superior to another, with the dominant racial group benefiting from the oppression of that group or person. Video, captured via phone and spread via the Internet, has shed a light on instances of racism and violence that were once hidden in society.

Border Patrol agent detains 2 Americans after hearing them speak Spanish
U.S. Customs and Border Protection is investigating the incident.
Black teen reportedly abducted, assaulted after getting off bus—and the internet wants answers
The boy said his kidnappers told him he was targeted because he's Black.
Black porn star sues studio for recording, selling video where co-star calls him the n-word
The slur was said twice after Maurice McKnight refused.
Trump under fire for calling deported immigrants ‘animals’
'These aren't people,' the president said.
White woman who called the cops on Black people barbecuing is now a meme
Finally, a meme embodying racists who call the cops on Black people for no reason.
White Yale student calls cops on Black student taking a nap in common room
Another day, another white person calling the police on a Black person for no good reason.
University officials apologize after Black students were manhandled at graduation
The university president says they've ended this 'practice'—but why was it done to begin with?
Restaurant calls cops on Black couple—for not giving seats to white customer
The restaurant blamed the incident on the host—and not the manager who called the cops.
#IfSlaveryWasAChoice shows Kanye West just how wrong he is
Twitter rips Kanye's assertion to shreds.
The first U.S. memorial dedicated to lynching victims has opened
As many advocates note, it's about time.
Golf club calls police on Black female members for golfing ‘too slow’
The women said they were discriminated against for golfing while Black.
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