Server calls out customers who say these subtly racist things when they order

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‘It hurts them’: Server calls out customers who say these subtly racist things when they order

'Like it has to be exhausting.'


Tiffanie Drayton


Posted on Apr 9, 2024   Updated on Apr 9, 2024, 1:45 am CDT

One server’s PSA about subtly racist things customers say is making rounds on TikTok.

In a viral video that has reached over 1.2 million views and racked up over 156,000 likes, user ETheReaL (@joe_is_brown) called out boomers for the ignorant things they say while ordering food.

“The Boomer whose order is passive aggressively racist,” text overlaid on the clip read.

In the short 35-second video, the TikToker acted as both a server and the racist customer.

“Hi, welcome to foreign restaurant, how may I help you?” the pretend server in the skit said, off-camera.

“Can I get the grande burrito? None of that pico, sour cream, jalapeños, please,” the customer said.

“Ok and did you want the rice and beans with that?” the server asked.

“Just the burrito, please,” the customer reiterated. “Just meat and cheese.”

The customer appeared to be very annoyed in the clip.

“And it comes with a side of guac, did you want that as well?” the server asked.

“Just the burrito, alright?” the customer responded with a bad attitude.

In the comments section, some viewers related to the clip. Others believed “subtly racist” customers can come across as condescending when ordering ethnic food.

“Like it has to be exhausting being that bitter constantly,” user Mikeizzle_ commented.

“Why do they hate options?” user Kardavox Academy wondered.

Other commenters noted this type of customer typically pronounces ethnic menu options wrong.

“And pretending not to know how to say ANYTHING,” user Nami added.

“You missed them purposely mispronouncing jalapeños as ‘jolly pinos,'” another user added.

Though this is the TikToker’s most popular video, it is not the first time he has addressed “boomer” customers and their ordering habits.

In another video, he took on customers who are never satisfied with a restaurant’s offerings and try to create their own menu. That video ends with ETheReaL expressing serious hate for that kind of customer and even pretending to fight them.

TikTokers taking on “subtle racism” or racism that is less blatantly but still problematic, has prompted many viral videos. One man argued America’s subtle racism problem must be tackled, not dismissed. Another user racked up over 850,000 views for discussing subtle racism in Love is Blind.

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The Daily Dot reached out to user @joe_is_brown via TikTok comment for more information.

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*First Published: Apr 9, 2024, 3:00 am CDT