The solar eclipse is secret dark brandon worship

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‘Dark Brandon’s true form’: Biden fans troll right-wing conspiracy theorists freaking out about the eclipse

'They worship 'Dark Brandon,' a demonic figure who covers the eyes to his soul.'


Mikael Thalen


Posted on Apr 8, 2024

Supporters of President Joe Biden are mocking conspiracy theorists on social media who believe that today’s solar eclipse will be some sort of nefarious and history-altering event.

The eclipse, which will be visible along a path stretching from Mexico to the U.S. and Canada, has already produced widespread fear among those who believe the event will either usher in the end of the world or be used by Biden to institute some form of martial law.

The theories have become so grandiose that “Dark Brandon,” Biden’s meme alter ego, even entered the fray. One user on X argued that the excitement over the momentary darkness caused by the eclipse is a form of worship to Dark Brandon.

“The solar eclipse hype is over the top as if it has never happened before. We know Marxists put Mother Earth over God so it must excite them to replace daylight with physical darkness,” the user Sara James wrote. “After all, they worship ‘dark Brandon’ a demonic figure who covers the eyes to his soul.”

Yet Biden’s fans have decided to lean into the claim by suggesting that Dark Brandon, Biden’s meme alter ego, is so powerful that he himself is responsible for the eclipse.

“The Eclipse of Dark Brandon is here, and there’s nothing Republicans can say to diminish his accomplishments,” one user jokingly wrote.

Numerous local and state governments in the path of the eclipse have issued state of emergency declarations as a precautionary measure given that millions are expected to visit. But the move only enhanced conspiracy theorists’ suspicions.

Others pointed to footage from August 2017 when then-president Donald Trump stared directly at a solar eclipse without eye protection, an act that Biden supporters say Dark Brandon would never do.

But the fear that enveloped conspiracy theorists only served to further incite those looking to mock concerns over the celestial occurrence.

“Fuck #DarkBrandon for making me spend $3000 to fly across the country to watch the #eclipse caused by vaccines,” the user NurseAvenger wrote.

Almost certainly, the eclipse will come and go without the end of the world occurring or a totalitarian takeover by none other than Dark Brandon.

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*First Published: Apr 8, 2024, 10:04 am CDT