Gabrielle Union deserves better from Terry Crews
The Black community's disregard for Black women, our experiences, and our advocacy has a long-established and very complex history.

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Barack Obama was the 44th president of the United States of America. First elected in 2008, Obama became the first African-American president in U.S. history. His presidency ended Jan. 20, 2017. He was succeeded in office by Donald Trump.

Republican congressman shared a fake picture of Obama and the Iranian president
The giveaway? Obama doesn't have two thumbs on his left hand.
Obama loves ‘Fleabag’–and people are losing it over him seeing that NSFW scene
'Obama watches Fleabag and has now watched a posh British woman wank over him.'
Trump implies Jesus loves him more than Obama with meme
But why does Jesus need four suitcases?
The decade conspiracy theories overtook the truth
People don't want to believe the truth anymore.
Obama-era tweet backfires on Trump after ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death
Many are also speculating that Trump's Situation Room photo is staged.
Trump calls for investigation into Obama’s Netflix deal—gets memed instead
The phrase was trending on Twitter on Monday morning.
Republican presidential candidate Joe Walsh has a lot of tweets to explain
Joe Walsh wants to primary Trump—his Twitter feed is more racist than the president's.
No, Jim Jordan didn’t blame Biden and Obama for 9/11
It's hard to believe people even fell for this.
What Obama-era regulations has Trump done away with?
It's an impressively long list.
Obama’s ‘Easter worshippers’ tweet upsets conservatives
Conservatives didn't like Hillary Clinton's response to the Sri Lanka bombings.
Right-wing conspiracy blames Obama for media layoffs
The right-wing conspiracy claims that the layoffs were the result of Obama.
Barack Obama dresses as Santa to deliver gifts at children’s hospital
Obama can be seen passing out gifts and playing with excited children as he moves from ward to ward before delivering an address to hospital staff.
Suspect arrested for sending ‘suspicious packages’ to Democrats
The bombs are reportedly similar to one sent to George Soros.
Explosive devices sent to Obama, Clinton instantly branded as leftist hoaxes by the far right
The threat against Susan Collins, however, was obviously a lib.
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