Larry Sinclair v Krassenstein brothers

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Larry Sinclair, who claims he had a secret relationship with Obama, can’t raise a single dollar for his Krassenstein brothers’ lawsuit

Sinclair has accused the duo of defamation after pointing to his criminal history.


Mikael Thalen


Larry Sinclair, the man who says he had sex with former President Barack Obama in 1999, claims to have filed a lawsuit against the reply guys known as the Krassenstein brothers.

Sinclair initially came forward with his claims regarding Obama in 2008 but was recently thrust back into the spotlight after appearing in an interview with Tucker Carlson.

Brian and Ed Krassenstein, who came to fame on X by constantly filling former President Donald Trump’s replies with criticisms, drew Sinclair’s ire after calling into question his credibility.

Since then, Sinclair has been locked in a heated feud with the pair on X. Sinclair has accused the Krassensteins, among others things, of “defamation, libel, tortious interference, and civil conspiracy.”

The Krassensteins have stated that they merely pointed to reporting from Politico and the Daily Mail from 15 years ago that noted Sinclair’s long criminal history. Specifically, Politico stated that Sinclair had a long criminal history that included fraud charges and had failed a polygraph test that asked about his relationship with Obama.

After being threatened by Sinclair, the Krassensteins removed their posts but said that they stood by the two outlets reporting. The brothers also accused Sinclair of engaging in libel against them in response to their criticisms.

Nevertheless, Sinclair now appears to be seeking at least $15 million from the duo and has even launched a GoFundMe account to allegedly help pay for legal fees. As of Thursday morning, the campaign, which was launched the day prior, hasn’t raised even $1 of its $25,000 goal.

The lawsuit appears to have only caught the attention of the internet’s most hardcore conspiracy theorists such as Dom Lucre, who made headlines in July after being allowed back on X by platform owner Elon Musk after sharing child sex abuse material.

Lucre has since announced plans to interview Sinclair in a live video on X on Thursday evening. Despite attempts to remain in the spotlight, it seems unlikely that Sinclair’s battle with the Krassenstein brothers will reverberate beyond X’s conspiratorial corners.

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