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From bike fails to ice cream cones, a Joe Biden meme for every moment

It's meme malarkey.


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Posted on Feb 2, 2024   Updated on Feb 3, 2024, 5:12 pm CST

President Joe Biden has been involved in politics for more than five decades. So it’s no surprise that in the modern era, Biden has become the subject of countless memes.

Whether during his time as a senator, vice president, or commander-in-chief, Biden’s signature style and propensity for gaffes have made him one of the most meme-worthy politicians.

Here are some of the best Joe Biden memes.

The Joe Biden-Obama bromance memes

During his time as vice president, Biden’s love for President Barack Obama was apparent. The two were a study in contrasts, the buttoned-down Obama and the more freewheeling Biden, which the internet loved for going off script at important moments.

And that “bromance” between the pair produced some hilarious memes.

The two were often photographed enjoying themselves on a stroll, in a heart-warming fashion.

joe biden memes walking with obama
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Biden’s ice cream obsession

It’s no secret that Joe Biden loves ice cream.

Press photographers have captured the politician with a cone in hand on countless occasions. Ironically, Biden’s sweet tooth even became a point of controversy among his critics, who hilariously argued that the politician was ignoring the world’s problems due to his love for ice cream.

It also became a meme shared by left-wing critics frustrated at Biden’s successes despite his out-of-touch nature.

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Biden’s bike accident

Biden has a reputation for being a bit clumsy. And coming in at 81 years old, one can’t be too surprised when he stumbles given how active he is. One of the most iconic Biden fumbles came in 2022, when the 46th president took a spill while riding in his home state of Delaware, which, as you guessed it, produced an onslaught of memes.

One example used a picture of Biden’s spill in a commercial for Life Alert, a device for senior citizens that notifies authorities during emergencies.

Biden annoys Obama

One particular photo that contains a seemingly stressed-out Obama is arguably one of the most recognizable memes related to Biden. In it, a contemplative Biden looks on as Obama buries his face in his hands, the cause a wide range of ridiculous comments from the vice president.

Many of the memes revolve around fictitious attempts by Biden to troll Donald Trump prior to his presidency.

obama biden
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Biden sees red

During a speech in September 2022, Biden began discussing supporters of former President Donald Trump while in front of a background shrouded in red lighting.

Critics of Biden immediately saw the display as ominous, arguing that it had authoritarian overtones reminiscent of the Soviet Union. Either way, the moment ended up producing a ton of great memes.

In them, Biden was compared to a wide array of movie villains, primarily those from Star Wars.

Dark Brandon

Trump supporters have long depicted the former president as being the manliest of all men, complete with red glowing eyes. In response, memes showing an edgy version of Biden arose in which he was referred to as “Brandon,” a nickname given to him by Trump fans that derived from the chant “Fuck Joe Biden.”

Thus, Dark Brandon, Trump’s arch-nemesis, was born.

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Biden vs. Bikers

Biden cozying up to a female biker as her male cohorts look on with apparent suspicion might be one of the greatest political pictures ever. Taken back in 2012, Biden went viral and became a meme sensation after visiting Cruisers Diner in southern Ohio where he stumbled upon a group of bikers known as the “Shaddowmen.”

“Throwback to when Joe Biden cucked these two bikers after they tried to flex on him,” one user wrote.

Creepy Joe

Biden has long been accused of being much too touchy-feely when meeting new people. While his supporters defend his actions as innocent, his detractors view them as inappropriate.

Biden’s penchant for getting close up into people’s personal space has earned him the nickname “Creepy Joe,” which has also unsurprisingly produced a ton of memes.

Working-class Joe Biden memes

In January 2024, Biden inadvertently inspired another meme during a visit to union workers in Wisconsin. Biden has long played up his working-class roots and while getting ready for a photo-op with blue-collar workers, Biden donned a hard hat. The only problem? Biden put the hard hat on backward. While it’s unclear whether Biden did so on purpose, the image nevertheless went viral across social media.

biden hard hat
Amy Klobuchar/X
Amy Klobuchar/X

Clumsy Biden

For those in front of cameras frequently, whether politicians or celebrities, a fall or trip is inevitable. And Biden is no stranger to taking a spill. Among Biden’s many tumbles, one seemed to produce the most memes.

In 2021 while boarding Air Force One, Biden took multiple falls while attempting to walk up a set of stairs. One meme, for example, suggested that Biden’s stumble was due to a golf-crazed Donald Trump.

Biden is currently campaigning for a second term, meaning the memes most likely will not end.

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*First Published: Feb 2, 2024, 7:00 am CST