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Deplatformed: Vaccine-induced plane crashes

At least you won’t have 4chan trolls on your flight anymore. 


David Covucci


Posted on Jan 5, 2024   Updated on Jan 6, 2024, 12:40 pm CST

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1) Vaccine-induced plane crashes

Earlier this week, a Japan Airlines jet crashed into a coast guard plane at Tokyo’s airport, killing at least five.

On the passenger jet, all 379 crew and passengers survived, with harrowing videos showing people escaping a plane engulfed in flames. Some were wounded, and other crew members from the coast guard jet are still hospitalized.

The crash comes after months of warnings and concerns that overworked air traffic controllers were overseeing a spate of shocking, scary near-misses in the U.S., as the role saw workers flee during the pandemic, struggling to safely operate the runaways of our nation’s airports.

Although not in the U.S., the incident seems to jibe with the reporting. But on 4chan, the recent uptick in close calls and this disaster had only one logical explanation: the COVID-19 vaccine.

How, one might ask, could the COVID-19 vaccine cause planes to crash?

Said one user: “For the last 1-2 years, many in the aviation community have been alarmed at the apparent uptick in runway incursions. Numerous incidents have popped up where an aircraft was either given incorrect clearance by ATC or entered a runway without clearance resulting in a near miss. With JAL516, the inevitable finally happened. I would be willing to bet large amounts of money the clotshots are playing a huge silent role in these events.”

And how might the clot shots cause this?

“These type of incidents are usually akin to ‘brain farts’ that become quite serious because it’s aviation. A pilot needs to be sharp all the time because one of their primary goals is detecting subtle abnormalities that become can become huge problems. With the jabs, it’s like they have mild dementia and are not as alert as they should be. I expect more of these events to occur in the future sadly.

Users on the board were in somewhat of an agreement that mild dementia from vaccines was a real possibility.

“I think anons earlier assessment on clot brain fog might be right. How on earth could the landing pilots not see that and decide a go around from above even minimums? Did the coastguard have all their lights off or something?” asked one.

“Post COVID there have been many near misses. I’ve seen some pilots on YouTube even talk about it. It’s truly baffling,” added another.

Said one: “This is why I don’t fly anymore….flying is just far too dangerous.”

At least you won’t have 4chan trolls on your flight anymore

2) Obama’s subliminal mind control

Post-presidency, Barack Obama immediately jumped into the world of mass media, launching a podcast with Bruce Springsteen and signing a deal with Netflix to produce documentaries and feature films.

That Obama wanted a future in media is not surprising, as he’s always been a savvy public figure. Others though, feared something more nefarious, a secret influence campaign with corporate Hollywood and the deep state to steer the American populace.

In the wake of his newest release, Leave The World Behind, some people alleged it was part of the plot.

The movie is about a massive cyberattack hitting the U.S.

But given a report that Obama “had a lot of notes” on the movie (likely a PR push to show he’s really working) some believed he was steering the message with “predictive programming,” using the fictional movie to declare future intent, to psychologically condition the population to accept a globe altering event (secretly done by the elites).

But now, a new fear is brewing. That the Obama’s embedded a secret frequency in the movie.

“BREAKING: Video editing expert discovers ‘Low Frequency Infrasound’ embedded in Obama’s ‘Leave The World Behind’ movie,” proclaim a number of posts on Truth Social.

The low-resolution footage shows two podcasters, Bonnie and John Mitchell, with a copy of Jurassic Park, to illustrate that when they torrented the movie, it came as two files, an audio and a visual one. But the download for Leave the World Behind, they say, had “four audio files,” one of which was a weapon, a “low frequency” infrasonic wave.

What exactly is in the audio file though, is unclear, as the video admits to it being inaudible.

But according to Forbidden Knowledge TV, “Bonnie says that the film has next to no plot or character development, leading her to suspect that the film’s release is a form of mass Satanic Ritual and its purpose is to deploy this infrasound weapon at viewers. John agrees and he describes the film as, ‘A shell with a weapon stuck in it.’”

Others agreed after seeing the news, citing non-existent reports.

“Now I’m hearing that people are feeling strange during and after viewing the Deep State psyop movie ‘Leave the World Behind.’ There are reports of feeling dizzy, foggy, disoriented — leading some to suspect the movie was weaponized and has mind-control elements in it. Would anyone be surprised if the CIA did that?? I’m guessing they’ve been putting creepy subliminals, frequencies, MKUltra triggers and God knows what else into our entertainment and media for decades.”

The film has a 76% on Rotten Tomatoes.

3) NYC earthquake frees the mole children

Of all the truly bizarre claims that have come out of the QAnon conspiracy, the most absurd—which is saying a lot—is that there are underground tunnels in New York City where hordes of sexually abused children are hidden and trafficked just below the bustling city.

And any time a catastrophe hits the city, it’s used to help further the narrative. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, people believed a medical ship sent to the city was actually going to rescue kids.

Now, when a rare, extremely mild earthquake hit the city, the conspiracy got new life.

On Ezra Cohen’s Telegram channel, the prominent QAnon influencer said the very mild earthquake that hit New York City this week was cover to free the kids.

“Children are being rescued right now from underground tunnels in New York City. This is why there were multiple explosions heard, and now we have blackouts happening in New York City. Everyone must stay calm and let the white hats do their job.”

He’s yet to update his 50,000 followers if the white hats succeeded.

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*First Published: Jan 5, 2024, 6:00 am CST