The technology company founded by Steve Jobs has produced some of the most influential devices of all time. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Apple is responsible for the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, as well as the iPod personal music device and iTunes music platform.

Apple approves controversial net neutrality app after initially rejecting it
Wehe tells you when a mobile carrier is intentionally slowing services.
Apple will let iPhone users disable its performance-throttling software
The changes come at the risk of shutdowns.
Attacks on Google, Apple buses shatter windows, force reroute
The tech giants were forced to reroute the shuttles for employee safety.
Apple’s $350 billion U.S. investment includes a new campus
The location of its forthcoming workplace will be announced later this year.
‘ChaiOS’ text bomb breaks iMessage with a single link
You have a new iPhone bug to worry about.
Spectre, Meltdown fix can have a huge impact on the performance of your devices
Older devices are seeing the biggest slowdowns.
Apple Health data used as evidence in murder trial
Apple Health stats corroborated investigators' suspicions.
Apple updates iOS and macOS with Spectre patch
It's time to update your phone NOW.
Apple Music exec Jimmy Iovine is reportedly leaving
The record producer co-founded Beats, now owned by Apple.
Apple will now replace your iPhone battery even if it’s in perfect condition
Your device won't be rejected by the Apple Genius Bar.
Is Apple really going to buy Netflix?
The deal could be helped along by Trump's corporate tax cut.
Modern computers are slower than their 30-year-old predecessors in one way
An Apple IIe is actually faster than a MacBook. Can you guess how?
No, Samsung and LG don’t throttle their devices like Apple
Why? Because 'We care what our customers think.'
The simple way to change your iPhone battery
You actually can change an iPhone battery. Here's how.
Apple apologizes for throttling iPhones, offers steep discounts
Battery replacement prices for out-of-warranty customers are being dropped $50.
This creepy iPhone X hack makes your face invisible
Now you see him, now you don't.
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