The technology company founded by Steve Jobs has produced some of the most influential devices of all time. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Apple is responsible for the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, as well as the iPod personal music device and iTunes music platform.

Rumor: Apple to release $399 iPhone SE follow-up next year
The handset will come with a price-tag of $399.
Apple removes Hong Kong police-tracking app amid Chinese pressure lasted less than a week on Apple's App Store.
Want an out-of-the-box iPhone? Here’s how to restore yours to factory settings
Sick of your sluggish and malfunctioning iPhone? You can restore your device to factory settings and start from scratch (or give it to someone else).
Russian man suing Apple for ‘turning him gay’
'I have a steady boyfriend and I don’t know how to explain it to my parents.'
Apple plans theatrical releases for its feature films
The tech giant will look to roll out films in theaters before they hit AppleTV+.
Apple attempts to fix its messy iOS 13 rollout with new update
Update your iPhone to fix bugs and security issues.
Our 5 favorite AirPod charging cases at every price point
Looking for more features, better charge, or to save some cash? If you're looking for a new AirPod charging case, you've come to the right place.
Apple wants to trademark ‘Slofie,’ its term for slow-motion selfies
The company seemingly wants to keep app makers from using the made-up term.
All the TV series and films coming to AppleTV+
The tech giant is poised to make a huge splash in the content game.
Disney CEO Bob Iger leaves Apple board amid streaming wars
Disney and Apple are both slated to launch their own streaming services in November.
Apple promotes Natural Cycles birth control app despite failures
It’s advertised as only 93% effective with ‘typical use.’
All the important announcements from today’s iPhone Event
Consider this the bullet points from today's Apple event.
Everything you need to know about the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro
Apple's iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are here -- not sure which to get, or if you even want one? We can help.
Everything you need to know about the Apple Watch Series 5
A new 'Always-On Retina display' means you no longer have to move your wrist to see the time.
Apple drops Jason Momoa trailer ahead of Apple TV+ launch
Apple finally revealed the launch date and subscription price for Apple TV+.
Facebook explains privacy concerns ahead of iOS 13
The update is designed to give users more control over their privacy sharing settings.
Apple will stop inflating its own apps in the App Store
Apple changed its App Store algorithm after several antitrust complaints accused the company of favoring its own apps.
Apple and Foxconn broke Chinese labor laws to make the new iPhone
A non-profit advocacy group found that Foxconn was using far too many temporary workers.
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