The technology company founded by Steve Jobs has produced some of the most influential devices of all time. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Apple is responsible for the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, as well as the iPod personal music device and iTunes music platform.

Apple acquires Texture, the ‘Netflix of magazine publishing’
'We are committed to quality journalism from trusted sources.'
Apple’s suppliers committed increased labor violations in 2017
However, supplier compliance overall improved over 2016.
2-year-old reportedly locked his mom out of her iPhone for 48 years
She has two options: Delete everything or wait half a century.
Here are the 911 calls from employees who walked into glass walls at Apple Park
The three incidents happened within days of each other.
Apple is introducing healthcare clinics for its employees
The company will be opening two clinics in Santa Clara, California.
Here’s how to download iCloud photos on all of your devices
Free up space on your iCloud account by downloading photos to your devices.
iPhones and Apple Watches are ‘butt-dialing’ 911 dispatchers
More than 1,600 calls have been made since October alone.
How to set up and access iCloud on iPhone, Mac, and Windows
View everything you've added to Apple's cloud storage system.
People are smacking into the glass walls and doors at Apple Park
At least there's a medical center onsite.
In blind test, the Apple HomePod audio quality didn’t rank highest
The HomePod isn't everyone's favorite speaker.
Apple confirms its HomePod speaker leaves ugly marks on wooden surfaces
The company says the marks should go away after several days.
Publisher paywalls are coming to Facebook’s iOS app
News outlets will receive 100 percent of subscription revenue.
The Apple Watch is more popular than the entire Swiss watch industry
The Apple Watch may be the world's most popular watch.
An Apple intern reportedly leaked critical iOS source code to iPhone jailbreakers
The intern leaked code for iBoot, the part of iOS responsible for ensuring a trusted boot of the operating system.
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