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Controversial TikToker Haley Baylee called out after hopping on traumatic ‘storytime’ trend

The TikTok trend was started by Brooke Schofield and Chris Olsen.


Mike Hadge

Pop Culture

Folks, there is drama on the ‘Tok. And it once again revolves around Haley Baylee (real name: Haley Kalil).

If you at all follow, you know, general “influencers,” you’re likely aware that Brooke Schofield recently shared a 14-part “who tf did I marry” storytime on her TikTok unloading on her relationship with singer-songwriter Clinton Kane. Her bravery inspired fellow TikTok-fluencer Chris Olsen, to post a 10-part #storytime series on the platform describing a manipulative ex-boyfriend who allegedly plotted to murder him.

Never one to pass up a good pair of coattails, TikToker Haley Baylee (of Met Gala “digitine” fame) tarted her own #storytime series to discuss a breakup with her billionaire boyfriend. She claimed that since her NDA was up (??) she could finally discuss the circumstances of their relationship (??) and weaved a tale for her viewers.

Only, as many have pointed out, it doesn’t add up. 

Yes, as soon as these posts began, the TikTok Columbos were on it. The dates didn’t align. The stories made no sense. The posts were in no way consistent.

It will surprise no one that the entire video series has since been deleted by Baylee. 

@_imjustzander Replying to @Bee better yeah haylee baylee is making this up and thats so wrong || #haleyybaylee #brookeschofield #chrisolsen ♬ original sound – ImJustZander

It doesn’t help that Baylee’s TikTok profile says she’s currently “in her satire era.” (We got a regular Tom Wolfe on our hands, folks!)

Rightfully, Bailey is being severely roasted, nowhere more spectacularly than by TikTokker Landon Reid. 

@and_mayhem_ensued_ That influencers video #Parody#HaleyBailey #Billionaire #Boyfriend #GetReadyWithMe #spoof ♬ original sound – Landon Reid

Yowza, that’s gonna leave some burn marks. But TikToker @yourfinestpardon sums the whole thing up well.

@yourfinestpardon Here we go again with her. #haleyybaylee #haleybaylee #influencer #whotfdididate #popculture #popculturenews ♬ original sound – yourfinestpardon

“I hope she’s not making a mockery of something that’s encouraged more and more people to come forward and share their experiences,” she concludes.

Yeah, that’s what it all comes down to. Maybe Baylee will learn something from this experience, maybe she’ll emerge a better person, realizing that attention isn’t the be-all end all–pffft, lololol sorry, couldn’t finish that with a straight face.

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