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‘It’s demanding, thankless & we don’t get paid enough’: Film PA says he’s treated like ‘sh*t’ while working 18-hour days on set

‘Being a [production assistant] made me leave the film industry. It’s not worth it.’

On by Audra Schroeder

film school

Make your directorial debut a success with this online course bundle

Hollywood won’t know what hit ’em.

On by Marisa Losciale

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Get in the back seat with ‘9 Rides,’ a feature film shot entirely on iPhone 6s

It puts those videos of your cat to shame.

On by Tom Harrington

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We talked to the man who forced the U.K. film board to watch 10 hours of paint drying

To protest film censorship, a British filmmaker made the censors watch paint dry for ten hours.

On by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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10 years later, do we still need ‘Project Greenlight’?

Reality television and filmmaking have both changed for the better since ‘Project Greenlight’ was last on television.

On by Dan Marcus

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A brief history of Vancouver pretending to be other cities in movies and TV

Chances are you’ve seen this without realizing it.

On by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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How YouTube’s Anna Akana went from vlogs to the silver screen

When Anna Akana sets her mind to something, anything can happen.

On by Carly Lanning

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LGBT film festival Outfest shares some of its best entries for free online

Choose from more than 60 films, with more being added on a regular basis.

On by Mary Emily O’Hara

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Lucasfilm’s Rob Bredow talks about plans for virtual reality ‘Star Wars’

Lucasfilm wants to change how movies are made—and how we play in the worlds that they build.

On by Eric Geller

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Behind-the-scenes video shows ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ was intense even before the CGI

You’d probably still watch it if it looked like this. It’s that badass.

On by Selena Larson

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‘S**t People Say To Women Directors’ is a cringe-worthy but important blog

Some of these comments from sexist filmmakers are mindblowingly offensive.

On by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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#FilmHerStory is a rallying cry for movies about women who shaped history

Why do we get separate Steve Jobs biopics, but no movies about any of these women?

On by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Guy blames ‘social justice agenda’ for loss in film competition

Welcome to MovieGate.

On by Miles Klee

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Here’s how to shoot iPhone video like a pro

Whatever you do, don’t shoot vertical video. 

On by Beth Elderkin

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Hollywood lobbying the FAA to let filmmakers shoot movies with drones

It’s only a matter of time.

On by Aaron Sankin

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