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Tech worker explains what to do if your iPhone is stolen and they try to extort you via text by threatening to release its contents

‘Should I just delete it?’

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A police badge.

Hackers threaten to release names of police informants unless ransom met

The ransomware group have given police three days to comply.

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Man charged for extorting nudes from hundreds of teen girls over Facebook and Kik

Officials believe there could be up to 500 victims, going back as far as 2012.

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Rhode Island Sen. Nicholas Kettle is accused of extorting sex from a page when he was 19.

Rhode Island senator said to have extorted teen page for sex in 2011

He allegedly threatened to physically harm the teen if he didn’t have sex with him.

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A Swedish man has been convicted for 'raping' teenagers online.

Swedish man convicted of ‘online rape’ of young teenagers

The offenses all took place on the internet.

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Photobucket faces backlash for deleting users’ images and demanding ‘ransom’

Users must pay $400 to have their images appear on third-party websites.

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Leigh Abbot sentenced to 5 years in jail for revenge porn

Revenge porn blackmailer sent to jail for targeting a dozen women, extorting $100K

He threatened to burn down homes and send gangs if they didn’t comply.

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A screengrab from the Orange Is The New Black season 5 promo.

Hackers leaked a majority of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ season 5, and they’re not done yet

The group isn’t done extorting Netflix and others to keep their content offline.

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New online extortion scheme forces your friends to pay your ransom

Pay up—or have your friends do it.

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The frightening rise of ‘sextortion’

U.K. police say cases involving this new form of blackmail have doubled.

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The FBI just warned Americans about a serious new online extortion scam

If you get one of these emails, the FBI doesn’t want you to pay up.

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Senators to investigate rise of ransomware, viruses that take your computer hostage

With one report estimating that a single type of ransomware has cost $325 million, the stakes are high.

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Former U.S. State Department employee used work computers to run ‘international sextortion campaign’

Ford gained access to at least 450 email accounts.

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Android porn app secretly snapped users’ photos and used them as ransom

The lesson here? Don’t watch porn on apps that you don’t completely trust.

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Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert indicted over extortion scheme

Woah, if true.

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