Emmanuel Macron in front of neutral background (l) Hall of Mirrors in the palace of Versailles, France (c) King Charles III (r)

French president’s Versailles dinner with King Charles III blasted for extravagance

‘That vaguely reminds me of a little story.’

On by Marlon Ettinger

Justin Trudeau in front of red and black background (l) Emmanuel Macron in front of blue background (r)

People are spreading fake rumors about Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron having an affair

In the wake of Trudeau’s divorce announcement, right-wing accounts are spreading rumors about a nonexist affair with Macron.

On by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

trump macron handshake g7

Macron shook Trump’s hand so hard at G-7 that he left a mark

The handshake battle continues.

On by Tess Cagle

Mamoudou Gassama was offered French citizenship after saving a toddler who was hanging from a balcony.

‘Spider-Man’ who saved 4-year-old hanging from building offered French citizenship

Mamoudou Gassama met with French President Emmanuel Macron.

On by Kris Seavers

Melania Trump Brigitte Macron

The French first lady thinks she knows why Melania Trump looks so miserable

Pity poor Melania.

On by Josh Katzowitz

President Donald Trump wiped off a piece of 'dandruff' off French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday afternoon.

Trump brushing dandruff off Macron is really awkward

It was awkward.

On by Andrew Wyrich

New York Times Donald Trump

The 15 weirdest things Trump said during his interview with the New York Times

There’s a lot going on here.

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Donald Trump Reebok subtweet

Reebok trolls Trump over his questionable comments to Brigitte Macron

It’s also some useful advice.

On by Chris Tognotti

trump macron handshake

Trump’s handshake with Macron lasts virtually forever

Trump has met his match in Macron.

On by Andrew Couts

Emmanuel Macron Donald Trump G20 Summit

Why did the French president make such an effort to stand next to Trump at the G20 Summit?

Was Emmanuel Macron trolling Trump?

On by Josh Katzowitz

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Emmanuel Macron trolled Trump on his climate decisions.

Schwarzenegger and Macron team up to troll Trump on climate deal withdrawal

Both men have a history of trolling Trump.

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French President Emmanuel Macron

Here’s how you could live and work in France, all expenses paid, to work on climate change

French President Emmanuel Macron is making good on his promise.

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Emmanuel Macron Facebook photos

France’s Macron trolls Trump with his own slogan after Paris climate agreement exit

Macron’s response to Trump’s decision wasn’t subtle.

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Homepage article image

The French president knew the Trump arm-yank handshake was coming, and he was ready

That’s a firm grip.

On by Chris Tognotti

Trump and Macron shake hands.

Trump’s handshake power grab is no match against France’s Macron

How do you say ‘awkward’ in French?

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