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NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has a special parting gift for President Obama

And the president had the best response on Twitter.

On Jan 13, 2017 by Michelle Jaworski

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BB-8 gave some sound advice to the NASA robots going to Mars

They've got a lot to talk about.

On Mar 10, 2016 by Michelle Jaworski

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8 unexplained images sent back by the Mars Curiosity Rover

I want to believe.

On Aug 11, 2015 by Miles Klee

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Mars Curiosity Rover marks 1 year anniversary on the Red Planet with a selfie

Happy anniversary!

On Jun 24, 2014 by Mike Wehner

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The galaxy’s most popular robot celebrates its first year on Mars

Today, the most talked about robot in the universe celebrates its first year in service.

On Aug 6, 2013 by Fernando Alfonso III

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Mars Curiosity rover hasn’t found signs of life—yet

Through the @MarsCuriosity Twitter account, NASA revealed that it has not yet found signs of life on the red planet.

On Nov 29, 2012 by Kris Holt

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NASA discovers something historic on Mars—but what?

NASA hasn't released a formal statement about its recent findings, leading to intense online speculation. 

On Nov 21, 2012 by Jennifer Abel

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Extraplanetery adventures in today’s Reddit digest

Today we learn about stratospheric sky dives, trips to Mars, and the physics of Batman's cape.

On Aug 17, 2012 by Kevin Morris

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The best of Twitter’s hilarious Sarcastic Mars Rover

The Curiosity Mars Rover is far from thrilled about its trip to the red planet.

On Aug 6, 2012 by Kris Holt