Former CEO Gives 3 Tips about career

‘You don’t owe your company loyalty’: Former CEO says jumping jobs is the best thing you can do to grow your career

'People are jumping even more frequently since the pandemic.'

On Jan 9, 2023 by Phil West

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‘As far as I’m concerned, that’s stolen wages’: Etsy seller slams site for charging fees that completely diminish his profits

'This account is nothing but an Etsy hate account now.'

On Oct 25, 2022 by Rebekah Harding

woman speaking with hands up caption 'delete your Etsy account now.' (l) Etsy 'E' logo white on orange background (c) woman speaking with hands up caption 'delete your Etsy account now.' (r)

‘If you’re seeing this, please delete your Etsy account’: Etsy seller criticizes site’s security

'Etsy continues to give my account back to a known hacker, putting me at risk, my identity, my customers.'

On Aug 26, 2022 by Braden Bjella

hand holding plastic ball in sink with caption 'my step mom is upset because I dropped out to make these reusable waterballs' (l) water bomb splash balls reusable water balloons listing on AliExpress (r)

‘Do not buy anything from these accounts’: A TikTok account is dedicated to exposing dropshippers to followers

'Bros mad he can't make any money.'

On Jun 1, 2022 by Lauren Castro

man in vehicle on phone with caption 'never worked for him and received bad review! part 1/3' (l) same man with caption 'part 2/3' (c) same man with caption 'part 3/3'

‘Sounds like 2 adults who know how to interact’: Small business owner confronts man who gave him a bad Google review in viral TikTok

'The main reason I was giving you a call was I got a bad review on my business page.'

On Jun 1, 2022 by Cecilia Lenzen

woman shearing a sheep

From sheep shearing to hair detangling, satisfying videos keep these TikTokers’ small businesses booming

The art of satisfaction is smoothing customers' brains.

On May 12, 2022 by Tricia Crimmins

young woman with caption 'LIFE HACK' (l) hand holding phone with shopping cart icon and Promo code field 'GIFT2YOU' and 'SHOP NOW' button (c) man with raised eyebrows touching cheek (r)

‘I’ve gotten $4,000 worth of merchandise delivered to my house for literal pennies’: Man shares ‘hack’ to possibly getting 100% off online, asks viewers not to do it to small businesses

'These dev teams aren't as sophisticated as you think they are.'

On May 6, 2022 by Brooke Sjoberg

man from feet down sneakers caption 'Principal: you can't operate a business on school grounds' (l) Student hand holding paper caption 'Got suspended from school for having a business...' (c) Show with custom laces caption ' Me: Say hello to TikTok I'll be selling more laces while suspended'(r)

‘Other people make TikToks at school all the time’: Student suspended for ‘promoting his business’ at school, sparking debate

'Isn't school supposed to set you up for success? This is success.'

On Mar 29, 2022 by Braden Bjella

Skillshare CEO Matt Cooper

CEO Matt Cooper on how creators can thrive on Skillshare

'If people aren’t making fun of you behind your back, you haven’t said enough.'

On Mar 10, 2022 by Grace Stanley


Navigating red-flag creator deals with supermanager Victoria Bachan and influencer Melissa Tovar

‘We’re losing a little bit of humanity.’

On Mar 3, 2022 by Grace Stanley

LinkedIn podcasts

LinkedIn launches the LinkedIn Podcast Network for creators, entrepreneurs

‘The LinkedIn Podcast Network will launch with a collection of 12 podcasts that are shaping the conversations in the business world.’

On Feb 23, 2022 by Grace Stanley

Jason Y Lee

Jason Y. Lee, Jubilee Media founder, got billions of views

‘There is a huge hunger to watch this kind of content.’

On Feb 17, 2022 by Grace Stanley

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‘Once they get your design, it’s like a death kiss’: Independent designers speak out against ecommerce giants like Alibaba and SHEIN

'I'm making, like, little to no money from my work as a designer. And someone else is profiting off it.'

On Feb 17, 2022 by Tricia Crimmins

woman in red sunglasses speaking to a camera

‘I feel totally helpless’: Woman says ‘online hitmen’ are taking down her small business in viral TikTok

'Suddenly my traffic disappeared.'

On Dec 4, 2021 by Brooke Sjoberg

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‘Our packaging can be seen in the background’: Small business owner exposes customer lying about missing order in viral TikTok

'We don't appreciate being lied to'

On Nov 6, 2021 by Stacy Fernandez