cryptocurrency with the google logo on it

Digital rights groups demand Congress investigate Google’s plans to enter crypto market

‘Confirms our fears…’

On Mar 21, 2022 by Mikael Thalen

Lee Trink, FaZe Clan

SXSW: FaZe Clan CEO Lee Trink talks web3 and future of gaming and entertainment

‘Questioning the validity of Web3 is similar to questioning the validity of gaming.’

On Mar 16, 2022 by Grace Stanley

Blacktag Web3 SXSW

SXSW ’22: ‘Black in Web3’ gets serious about blockchain’s potential to close economic gaps

‘You don’t need any permission from anyone.’

On Mar 13, 2022 by Daysia Tolentino

Homepage article image

Consensus-based reality: How blockchain communities could change the world

Where’s the tipping point for distributed currency?

On Mar 1, 2021 by Matt Silverman

how to watch pewdiepie on dlive

How to watch PewDiePie (and other streamers) on DLive

Fear not the blockchain.

On Apr 14, 2019 by Joseph Knoop

sergey brin robe

Google co-founder Sergey Brin gets roasted for his clothing choice at blockchain conference

Is this a new tech CEO look?

On Jul 9, 2018 by Stacey Ritzen

mark zuckerberg facebook ceo

Facebook could soon launch its own Bitcoin rival

Don’t get your hopes up just yet.

On May 11, 2018 by Phillip Tracy

kanye west holding bitcoin

This Kanye West Twitter troll is the cryptocurrency hero Bitcoin needs

He’ll say anything to tokenize Yeezy.

On Apr 28, 2018 by Phillip Tracy

bitcoin cryptocurrency melting

Researchers find child pornography in the Bitcoin blockchain

The files could ‘jeopardize’ cryptocurrencies.

On Mar 21, 2018 by Phillip Tracy

ibm world's smallest computer grain of salt for blockchain

IBM built a computer that’s smaller than a grain of salt

It will use blockchain to authenticate items.

On Mar 19, 2018 by Phillip Tracy

Bitcoin rapper CoinDaddy having breakfast

Meet CoinDaddy, the Bitcoin rapper living that ‘crypto life’

The court jester of crypto will see you now.

On Jan 25, 2018 by Ramon Ramirez

A new app called LegalFling lets users create legally binding sex contracts.

There’s now a blockchain-based app for legally getting sexual consent

This is totally not a half-baked idea.

On Jan 11, 2018 by Ana Valens

Long Island Iced Tea bottles in a row

Iced tea company’s stock shoots up after adding blockchain to its name

Iced tea is the new cryptococktail.

On Dec 21, 2017 by Jay Hathaway

what is blockchain

Unlocking blockchain, the tech behind the Bitcoin revolution

To understand it, you need to first know the basics of cryptography.

On Dec 20, 2017 by Claire Downs

spotify music streaming service

Spotify attempts to solve royalty riddle with blockchain technology

The service lost $20 million settling a dispute last year.

On Apr 26, 2017 by Phillip Tracy

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