Phone with airbnb app(l), Woman talking(c), WhatsApp on phone(r)

‘They did all that for a 3-star review?’: Guest says Airbnb host used fake screenshots of WhatsApp conversation to report her

‘That host should not be allowed to host anymore.’

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WhatsApp on phone screen in hand in front of blurry desk background

WhatsApp, Signal threaten to end service in U.K. if Online Safety Bill passes

The companies urged the UK government to ‘urgently rethink’ its legislation.

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laptop and smartphone screen with mobile app for betting in hand with blue Presser rectangle

Win or lose: Chinese smartphones and WhatsApp enable offshore betting, newfound income, and hope for young Zimbabweans

Young bettors in Zimbabwe are connecting on WhatsApp and betting on the World Cup — even though it’s illegal.

On by Ray Mwareya, Deogracias Kalima

Two security cameras and mobile phone with Arab League flag ripped to reveal rainbow watercolor painting

How police persecute the LGBTQ community—and how big tech can help its most vulnerable users

‘They’re forcing their way to them manually, very easily.’

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A woman in shock holding a phone.

Americans don’t trust TikTok with their data, but can’t stop using it

A poll found that 64 percent of Americans want the government to better regulate big tech.

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Conspiracy theories explode online after massive Facebook outage

Don’t trust random tweets.

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Mark Zuckerberg next to an error message that is showing on Facebook because the website is down.

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are down (updated)

Outages began being reported on Monday afternoon.

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A selection of cubes showing the logos of major big tech websites. The FTC ordered the companies to hand over information on their data practices on Monday.

FTC demands answers on data collection from 9 biggest tech firms

They sent notices to some of the largest websites and platforms.

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whatsapp intern

Viral WhatsApp texts between intern and employer spark debate on responding to unknown numbers

Who was wrong?

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fortnite tencent

Trump almost banned a ton of popular video games by mistake

Games like ‘Fortnite’ were accidentally included in an executive order targeting WeChat.

On by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

WhatsApp Coronavirus Fact Check Bot

New bot on WhatsApp fact-checks coronavirus misinformation

The bot will draw information from more than 80 fact-checking organizations around the world.

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A phone displaying WhatsApp over coronavirus stats

WhatsApp is limiting message forwarding to fight coronavirus misinformation

Messages can now only be forward to one contact at a time.

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