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How to survive the winter in 10 YouTube videos

Here's how to do drive in icy conditions, build an awesome snowman, and everything in between. 


Mike Fenn


Posted on Jan 8, 2013   Updated on Jun 2, 2021, 4:05 am CDT

Unless you plan on hibernating for the next few months (or live in Texas), it’s time face winter here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Fortunately, YouTube is here to help, offering tips and handy tutorials on everything from “winterizing” your car to effectively constructing a snowman.

1) How to tie a winter scarf

David Kadavy became frustrated with traditional scarf-tying methods, which always caused his scarf to bunch up and occasionally even untie. In this video, he demonstrates a tying trick taught to him—and now us—by a friend of his.

Best of all, he pulls the whole thing off in under 30 seconds.

2) How to bundle up

Finding the right balance of clothing in the winter can be a challenge. Author and outdoorsman Kevin Callan, the “Happy Camper,” demonstrates the proper amount first-hand, starting barefoot in the snow.

3) How to keep warm If there’s no heat in your house

Howcast displays a series of tips on keeping warm if the unthinkable happens and a winter storm knocks out the power to your home. Included are suggestions on what to wear and even what food to avoid. Don’t forget the duct tape.

4) How to keep your feet warm

Life hacker qaetv demonstrates a unique method for keeping your feet warm that does not involve boots or multiple layers of socks. Just watch.

5) How to keep snow off your car

Feet-warming tips are not the only winter survival tips offered by qaetv. In this video, another unusual method is applied to preventing windshield frost.

6) How to shovel snow

Most people opt to clear snow from their driveways and sidewalks using standard snow shovels or push brooms. In this video, Jim Shaw demonstrates how to build—and use—your very own push plow. Not featured, unfortunately, is how to make your own “Plow King” or “Mr. Plow” jacket.

7) How to winterize a car

Almost all car owners are familiar with monitoring their vehicle’s oil levels and adding more when needed. However, how familiar are you with your car’s antifreeze? The folks at expertvillage demonstrate how to check and fill your car’s antifreeze and also explain its effect on your car’s life.

8) How to drive in icy conditions

Wintry conditions wreak havoc on roadways every year. Videos showcasing snow- and ice-covered streets becoming roller-derby rinks are common. In this safety video, ehowauto gives tips for navigating those slick roadways before snow plows and salt trucks arrive.

9) How to build a snowman

Seriously, when was the last time you built a snowman? In his video “Snowman Building 101,” user PaisleyPointers displays a step-by-step process of snowman construction, from packing the snow to decorating it with facial features.

10) How to make an obese snow angel

The snow angel is probably the easiest of all snow-based entities to make. Yet most of them are made by people with average BMIs. User biggydman outlines tips for making an obese snow angel.

Photo via PaisleyPointers/YouTube


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*First Published: Jan 8, 2013, 12:00 pm CST