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TikToker Haley Kalil asks Joseph Quinn about ‘Chrissy Wake Up’ on the red carpet, collective internet cringes

The digital personality brought up the viral song based on the ‘Strangers Things’ scene.


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Remember Stranger Things? You know, the reason Netflix has any money.

The eighties-pastiche tends to take over the internet anytime there’s a new season (which, yeah it’s been a few years), nowhere was that more evident than with the emergence of breakout star Joseph Quinn, who played Hellfire Club leader Eddie Munson. Instantly, Eddie became a fan favorite and internet darling.

One of the more prominent results of that fan love was the YouTube remix “Chrissy Wake Up” by the Gregory Brothers, which put music and autotune to the final scene between Eddie and the doomed Chrissy in the premiere episode of season 4. 

Take a look/listen:

Fun right? TikToker Haley Kalil—aka the woman who started a “digitine” movement at this year’s Met Gala—thought so, as we learned during her red carpet interview with Quinn at the premiere of his new film, A Quiet Place: Day 1

@haleyybaylee I need everyone in the world to watch A Quiet Place: Day 1 just because I put this poor man through this interview 😭😭😭😭😳😳😳 also because its INCREDIBLE 👏🏻👏🏻🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️ #aquietplacedayone ♬ original sound – StrangerThings.Experience

“Joseph, I’m so sorry,” she ominously states before asking him to say “Haley wake up,” in the style of “Chrissy Wake Up.” Quinn, swallowing all of his pride, gives her a few notes into the camera, his soul visibly leaving his body. 

“I need everyone to watch A Quiet Place: Day 1 because I put this poor man through this interview,” her caption reads.

The internet seemed to agree that the interaction was a little uncomfortable, and that Kalil should have maybe, ya know, not done that? Please someone save Joseph Quinn. Please. #movies #films #filmtok #movietok #movieinterview #josephquinn #strangerthings ♬ Sound Of Silence – Nick & Simon

The comments on the video immediately catch the discomfort in the interaction. 

“He was nottt having it!” writes TikTokker Vale, to which Kalil herself admits, “he hated every second.”

@lexiyaya writes, “YOU CAN SEE IN HIS EYES THE HATRED HE HAS FOR YOU!” Again, Kalil admits “I made an enemy.”

The remainder of the comments share in this basic sentiment of cringe, including “Poor Joeseph,” “He was terrified and embarrassed of you,” and “HE WAS SO DONE.”

Over on X, someone imagined this exact interaction at the premiere of Gladiator II:

While the long-awaited fifth season of Strangers Things has yet to receive a release date, one thing’s for sure—the cast is still getting memed from it!

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