This woman tried to 3D print her own Stargate—and you can too

Whether you love the original 1994 Stargate film or prefer the spinoff TV shows, there’s no denying that a Stargate device that can be used to travel to other worlds is one of the most intriguing ideas in sci-fi. 

As fans wait to see what the future has in store for the franchise, why not pass the time by building your very own Stargate with a little help from these 3D printing plans?

Creator Cara McNab has adapted plans for a (sort of) working Stargate that were originally posted by user Glitch on Thingiverse. McNab’s updates will not only rotate the device, but make the iconic chevrons light up as well. For the remix, McNab made a number of changes to the original 3D printer plans to accommodate the electronics for her working Stargate and the “DialingSequence Arduino” sketch she wrote to control it. 

The classic blue event horizon inside the Stargate seen in the photo was added in with Photoshop, but McNab told io9 “that she hopes to approximate that look in person with some warped blue plastic.” While you may not be able to travel to another world using this miniature Stargate, you can at least relive those classic dialing sequences and get a taste of what encoding and locking chevrons might be like.

Create your own working Stargate with McNab’s instructions on Thingiverse here.

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Lisa Granshaw

Lisa Granshaw

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