Why the costumes in ‘Wonder Woman’ are just right

Wonder Woman is now the highest-grossing DC universe film in U.S. box offices, but it has tallied up so much more in the win column than pure profit. It’s been praised for everything from its inspirational message to its casting to its tear-jerking battle scenes, and now a professional costume designer wants to give it its due there too.

Romance author Amanda Weaver designs costumes for her “day job,” and her analysis of the costuming in Wonder Woman calls out designer Lindy Hemming’s ability to temper Hollywood’s expectations for female warriors with an astute attention to historical detail.

She starts way back with Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman:

But from there, she makes it clear that Hemming was sourcing inspiration from actual Roman armor instead of from the Playboy Bunny aesthetic that the male gaze has come to expect on the big screen:

It’s not just Diana’s costume that got the authentic treatment, though. The rest of the women on Themyscira were also in very considered garb:

Bottom line, Weaver stresses, it all comes back to intent:

If you’d like to read Weaver’s full stream of consciousness on the costuming, check out the blog post version on We So Nerdy.

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Monica Riese

Monica Riese

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