‘The Office’ just hit a major YouTube milestone—and it celebrated in the best way


As one of Netflix’s most-watched shows, The Office remains popular long after the show aired its final episode. And fans of the show have now pushed The Office over the goalpost to reach another milestone.

Nearly four years after launching the channel, The Office has reached 1 million subscribers.

Given that it ended in 2013, you might think that The Office’s YouTube outpost would just be another abandoned official social media channel on the internet. But on YouTube, The Office is still giving fans what they want, whether it’s previously unseen bloopers (or behind-the-scenes footage only previously available for home release) or posting high-quality versions of cold opens and its most iconic scenes. (Yes, including that one.)

And The Office found the most appropriate way to celebrate: With all of Dunder Mifflin watching in anticipation as the channel hits 1 million.

That particular scene is a twist on the cold open for “Launch Party,” the season 4 episode in which Dunder Mifflin launches a website for the company. The cold open is one of the more memorable ones, in which the employees become obsessed with watching the DVD logo bounce into the corner of a TV screen.

They have no idea what Michael is saying, and while they have a couple of close calls, there’s something immediately satisfying about seeing that logo arrive there through no efforts of their own.

Here’s to 1 million more, Dunder Mifflin.


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Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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