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7 awesome boxes and bags for storing your tabletop dice

From custom boxes to themed bags, here are a few great options for holding your dice.


Lisa Granshaw


Posted on Aug 13, 2016   Updated on May 26, 2021, 6:38 am CDT

Whether you have one precious set of tabletop gaming dice or a giant bag, you don’t want to risk losing a beloved d20 by leaving your dice lying around. 

Luckily there are numerous options online for you to explore! From boxes to bags with customizable choices, you can find the perfect container for your style and the games you like to play.

Here are seven choices we found that tabletop gamers should consider.

1) Dungeons & Dragons monster-inspired bags

These Beholder and Mind Flayer bags created by Etsy shop CraftedCreatureShop are perfect for holding dice for Dungeons & Dragons fans or anyone who just enjoys the game’s unforgettable monsters. The Beholder bag is available in purple, white, red, and green, while the Mind Flayer option can be bought with or without the cowl. Not only will they hold quite a few dice, but they’ll definitely catch the attention of your fellow gamers.

2) Hex chests

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Want a box that really feels like it was made for you? Then you might want to check out this dice box by Elderwood Academy that can be customized a number of ways. You can choose the wood it’s made from as well as the art that goes on top and on the side. Art choices include a number of role-playing game classes if you want to customize it to your character, and the side art option even allows you to include words in English or Elvish! You can choose if you want the inside to hold your dice in a beehive structure or an open one, and the choices really allow you to make this box your own.

3) d20 dice bowl

Those looking to store a large collection of dice will love the size of this bowl created by the Dicey Decor shop on Etsy. Shaped appropriately like a d20, this bowl looks like it can hold all the dice you’ll ever need. You can choose the finish and size of the bowl, which will impact the starting price of $89.

4) Dice vault 

Keep your dice in one of these sleek vaults from Wyrmwood Gaming. Available in a variety of woods, these vaults are a great size if you’ll be traveling or just want a compact way to store your dice. Each Vault can also be engraved if you want to make it extra special.

5) Dragon’s eye box

For something a bit more eye-catching, there’s this box with a top styled like a dragon’s eye! The bronze finish and dragon designs give it a beautiful fantasy appeal. Not only can it store more than one set of dice, but it will also just look impressive in whatever room you decide to keep it in.

6) Adventure case

If you want a box that can do a lot more than just hold your dice, then the adventure case from Dog Might Games is probably more your style. It can hold more gaming supplies than just your dice with its multiple compartments, and can also act as a rolling tray and screen to hide rolls. Depending on the case you choose, you can also customize it by choosing the wood, felt, sculpt on the front, and more.

7) Chainmaille and scalemaille bags

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Etsy shop Tangled Metal can help you go a classic route in dice-holding with its choices for chainmaille and scalemaille bags. Able to hold an impressive number of dice, you can choose the size of the bag as well as the color of the scalemaille, color of the drawstring, and type of chainmaille too. They’re the perfect bags for any adventurers who want an easy and flexible way to take their dice on the road.

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*First Published: Aug 13, 2016, 10:00 am CDT