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6 places to find awesome tabletop dice on the internet

From dice that light up to dice that are pillows, you have a ton of options.


Lisa Granshaw


Are you the type of tabletop gamer who just grabs any old dice out of the bag? Or do you carefully select the perfect dice for your game?

One look online reveals a stunning array of dice in every color, design, and shape. These can be found through many different brands online, but where should you start? 

Here are six places that offer awesome dice worth checking out. 


Chessex is a major dice manufacturer and one of the most recognizable names in the industry. You’ll find the company’s dice everywhere from conventions to game shops, but you can also find them online. Even though the online store looks a bit outdated, it gives you a sense of what Chessex has to offer. From translucent dice to opaque, in every color and combination, it offers a lot of options for individual dice, sets, and even a Pound-O-Dice (that’s an actual pound of dice, usually around 100 pieces). The website isn’t the easiest to use, but fortunately Chessex offers its products on and elsewhere too.

Q Workshop

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The amount of variety at Q Workshop can be overwhelming. Want dice inspired by a video game? There’s a Dragon Age set. Want dice themed for a specific role-playing tabletop game? There’s Pathfinder, Warmachine, and more. Beyond these game-inspired sets, there are a bunch of dice with cool themes, including steampunk dice, elven dice, dwarven dice, and dragon dice. The company even makes custom dice! Don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to make a final decision once you start looking at Q Workshop’s options.

Made by Wombat

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This Shapeways shop run by designer Chuck Stover features a lot of amazing designs that can be made in different materials, though he notes they are developed for stainless steel. You can buy individual dice or full dice sets, and there are even customizable options. Some of his most remarkable designs are his thorn dice, sputnik dice, and twisty spindle dice.

Lady Katie Crafts

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If you want a dice that can also act as a convenient pillow during your long gaming sessions, this Etsy shop has you covered. Order a d20 pillow in your favorite colors or go with a specific theme like Cthulhu. They are sold in small, medium, and large sizes as well. You might need a lot more room to roll one of these, but as your game continues past midnight, you might be glad to take a rest on your dice between turns.


It’s probably no surprise to those familiar with online retailer ThinkGeek that the company has quite a few cool dice in its inventory. For slightly bigger dice, it offers a squishy set that might be good for kids, but is also perfect for venting your rage when you roll a natural one. ThinkGeek also offers some impressive LED dice that light up when you roll the highest number on each. These are available in a set or as just a single d20 if you only want a light show when you get a critical hit. There’s even a pair of galaxy d20s, but these are only available when the company is at a convention.


Designer Seth Alexander offers a range of creative dice in his Shapeways shop. He sells sets and individual dice designed for stainless steel, and like Made by Wombat’s dice they’re also available in other materials. Designs like his steampunk and dragon options are beautiful, but two in particular stand out even more: jack dice, inspired by the game jacks, have an interesting look while his Deathly Hallows dice are perfect for Harry Potter fans.

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