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The internet is sharing their most ‘controversial’ opinions about ‘Star Wars’

They’re all over the place.


Michelle Jaworski


Over the past several days, Star Wars fans have been sharing their hottest takes and most controversial Star Wars opinions, proving that while many of their gripes are entertaining, they might not be as controversial as we once thought.

The latest prompt comes from Twitter user @BoxerlessBossk, who asked a simple question.

The controversial opinions have arrived from all corners of the internet, encompassing varying degrees of seriousness, and offering a fascinating view of the wide mindset of Star Wars fandom. And amid all of that, the people who posted them not only have some pushback, they’ve also found others who agree with them.

They have plenty of thoughts on the characterization of several characters and where their arcs took them.

Along with the characters, Star Wars is known for its world-building, and people have varying ideas about how well some of those aspects worked.

Does your Star Wars ranking stray from what’s considered the norm? You’re not alone.

Sometimes, the controversial opinion doubles as a criticism of how LGBTQ representation in the Star Wars films is practically nonexistent.

And then you have some classic Star Trek trolling, as you do.

Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises in the world, and nowadays, it resides on a similar mainstream level as the MCU. Basically, so many people have so many thoughts and opinions on it that there’s a good chance that your controversial opinion might not be all that controversial. (See, for instance, at just how frequently Boba Fett is cited with this prompt.) It doesn’t take long to find other people who enjoyed the prequels more than some of the original trilogy, didn’t like some of the original films as much as we’re supposed to, felt that Leia should’ve been trained to become a Jedi over Luke, see the Jedi as the true villains of the series, loved (or hated) The Last Jedi, or any other possible scenario.

Even @BoxerlessBossk noted how common some of the controversial opinions were.

Many of these might even be very common or even popular opinions. But despite how the sequel trilogy and standalone films, TV shows, books, and comics have reinvigorated Star Wars fandom over the past several years and evolved what a Star Wars story can do, an old-school train of thought prevails. And if you go against the grain (one in which, at least perception-wise, is dominated by older fans) in your view of Star Wars—one in which the original trilogy ranks above all and the prequels were terrible—well, that’s considered controversial.

So no, your controversial opinion might not be all that controversial. But in the process, there’s also a nice feeling to knowing that you’re not the only one who had that particular thought about it.

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