A 2-hour ‘Sense8’ finale is coming to help you get closure

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Photo by Murray Close/Netflix


Sense8 is coming back to life.

After it was announced earlier this month that Sense8 was canceled after just two seasons, fans rallied on Twitter, asking that the series—which features a diverse cast and LGBTQ storylines—be saved. It wasn’t looking good until a tweet from the Sense8 account indicated otherwise.

A letter to fans, signed by Lana Wachowski, reveals a two-hour special will air next year and that “Improbably, unforeseeably, your love has brought Sense8 back to life.”

Wachowski made sure to highlight the fan-driven part of this return, and the response showed just how deep the fandom goes.

As for future seasons, Wachowksi left the question open. A Netflix rep told the Hollywood Reporter that “After seeing that the cancellation was a total cluster, we decided to give Sense8 fans the ending they totally deserve.”

Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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