A sneak peek at Grand Theft Auto V’s new video editor

Friday we reported a video editor included in Grand Theft Auto V’s PC version could help explain the game’s 65 gigabyte download size. A first look at the GTA V video editor confirms our suspicions.

The Rockstar Editor, revealed today in a new trailer for the PC version of GTA V, features video capture and editing tools that look very similar to the native tools offered for footage capture and editing on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You could argue the PC version needed its own video editing suite to keep up with the console versions.

The Rockstar Editor features the ability to select characters from the game and use them like actors to set up scenes, to control the environment (like time of day and weather), and to select background music for the video. In other words, the Rockstar Editor is not merely a footage capture system. It’s also a proper movie-making tool.

This changes the game in terms of what player-created video content for Grand Theft Auto V will look like after Tuesday’s release of the PC version of the game.

This video, the first ever to be made with the tool, gives us a good idea. It was posted Monday afternoon on the 8-Bit Bastard YouTube channel.

Screengrab via Rockstar Games/YouTube

Dennis Scimeca

Dennis Scimeca

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