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Pokimane explains why she stopped doing Fortnite streams

She went dark last month.


Nahila Bonfiglio


In a recent video, popular Twitch streamer Pokimane explained to fans why she’s been playing less Fortnite.

The mega-popular game has faded somewhat from the frantic fervor that surrounded it a year ago. Pokimane, whose real name is Imane Anys, gained popularity through her Fortnite streams. In mid-March, however, she took a hiatus.

Pokimane treated the vlog like a casual conversation between friends. After explaining that she tends to push herself so hard that she doesn’t take time to reflect, she noted that fans had been asking about her lack of current Fortnite streams.

Partway through March, Pokimane’s parents popped by for a visit. Since the 22-year-old streamer already needed a “mental reset,” she used her parents’ visit as an excuse. During this time, Pokimane said she needed to “think about what I like or dislike about the content that I’ve been making, about the direction I’ve been headed.”

She explained that previously, she’s always played whichever games she was enjoying most at the time. “I do still enjoy Fortnite sometimes, but I don’t really have a feeling of wanting to play it all the time.” The streamer also noted that it can be hard for her not to compare herself to others, or to always strive to be the absolute best.

“I really value like my happiness, my sanity, my peace of mind way more than any bonus income,” she said.

We might be seeing less Fortnite on Pokimane’s Twitch page, but that doesn’t mean she’s slowed down much. In late March, she celebrated her five-year anniversary as a partner on Twitch with a 12-hour stream.

Pokimane’s hiatus also coincided with the release of her collaboration with Winky Lux makeup. The collab gave us Poki-themed lip balm, which was released on March 16.

True to her word, Pokimane has been changing it up for weeks now. She’s spent some time playing Apex Legends and got swept up in the GTA V roleplay craze taking over Twitch. When the mood hits her, she even plays some Fortnite—just don’t expect much more of it from her.


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