Surprise Snorlax causes Pokémon Go stampede in Taiwan


Photo via ULTRABROS 123/YouTube

Hundreds of people started running when the lovable monster appeared in the busy streets of Taipei.

Pokémon Go just caused another massive stampede, this time in Taipei.

When a Snorlax appeared near the busy Beitou Park, hundreds of Pokémon Go players rushed to catch it in the street. Video of the scene shows a pretty chill stampede, but a stampede nonetheless.

Snorlaxes are powerful and relatively rare, as well as being one of the more lovable monsters in the game. If you see one in the wild, it’s a big deal. Hence why so many people ran to catch it before it vanished.

Another photo shows traffic at a standstill while crowds of people squeeze through the streets. You have to wonder what the non-Pokémon Go players thought was going on.

H/T Buzzfeed

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