Aerial View of Central Park

Traffic even came to a halt.

What has Pokémon Go done to Central Park? The once beloved respite in the heart of New York City is now swarming with zombie-like crowds of distracted people clutching their smartphones and ignoring the fetching greenery and basic traffic laws. So, pretty much your average week night in NYC with a few a rare candies thrown in.

One player captured in video the mayhem that erupted in Central Park on Thursday night after a Vaporean was spotted. Watch as hundreds of people rush across halted traffic in order to capture the rare creature. One man even gets out of his running car. 

For reference, a Vaporean is a rare Pokémon that can evolve from an Eevee. It’s blue and cute and kind of looks like what would happen if a cat bred with an alligator and then sprouted a lizard-like frill. 

Now, is a Vaporean worth getting your car jacked? I mean, just look at it

As is evidenced from the videos above, these Pokémon Go players are the real deal and will stop at nothing to capture their Vaporean.

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