This incredible Millennium Falcon piano can be yours—if the price is right

The PlayerPiano YouTube channel absolutely floored Star Wars fans back in 2015 with an incredible medley of iconic tunes from the galaxy far, far away. In the viral video, pianist and composer Sonya Belousova swaps outfits and custom-finished pianos to capture the different themes of the medley, and now one of those one-of-a-kind instruments is for sale on eBay.

That’s right: You can be the proud owner of this amazing Millennium Falcon piano.

Millennium Falcon Piano Screengrab via Ebay

Even better, you don’t seem to have much competition. With four days left on the auction as of publication time, there are zero bids, and the starting price is set at a pretty reasonable $7,500. Considering a 20-year-old packet of McDonald’s Szechuan dipping sauce recently sold to a Rick and Morty fan for $14,700, we’re honestly shocked that no one is biting. Sure, a full-size piano takes up a lot of apartment space, but who needs a sofa when you can wow your friends by playing a few chords of the “Cantina Song” on your Millennium Falcon piano?

According to the eBay listing, the piano is in storage in Los Angeles, and you’ll need to make your own shipping and delivery arrangements. (And sorry, no Wookies included.)

You can see the piano in action in the original video below.

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Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber

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