Makeup artist brings cartoon characters to life on her face

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Can this be the next makeup trend, please?

Makeup artist Laura Jenkinson is great at her job. Her eyebrows are perfect, her eyeliner is on point, and… she’s great at drawing cartoon characters on her face?

Jenkinson’s Instagram page isn’t your regular makeup gallery. You can find photos of skillfully applied foundation all over the Internet, but cartoon mouth fanart? Not so much.

“I bent my wookie” – Ralph Wiggum

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Jenkinson’s makeup art brings classic cartoon characters to life using her own mouth and facial expressions. We hope she’s gone out in public wearing one of these at some point, because the reactions would totally be hilarious.

I haven’t actually seen this programme before but lots of you requested it, so here it is! #couragethecowardlydog 💘

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This Grumpy Cat is way too real.

Mood. @realgrumpycat

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Simba! Using @kryolanofficial Supracolor Palette with two bits of card as the teeth!

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We hope this becomes a trend. At the very least, someone should ask Jenkinson to give them a cartoon face for a costume party.

Photo via Laura Jenkinson/Instagram

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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