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The ‘Luke Cage’ Spotify playlist is full of classic funk, soul, and ’90s hip-hop.

During the brief periods of time when you’re not watching Luke Cage this weekend, here’s something to listen to: the Luke Cage Spotify playlist.

Music is a huge part of the show: Gang Starr performs the episode titles,  Method Man makes a cameo, and there are many guest performances from artists like Jidenna and Raphael Saadiq at Cottonmouth’s nightclub.

Ali Shaheeed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest, who worked on the show’s soundtrack with composer Adrian Younge (Black Dynamite), tweeted out his Luke Cage Spotify playlist to get everyone in the mood.

The playlist isn’t the show’s full official soundtrack. It’s more like a mixtape illustrating the tone of the show. It’s an eclectic mix, ranging from ’90s rap classics (Queen Latifah’s “U.N.I.T.Y.”) to Isaac Hayes—the background music to Luke Cage’s life.

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