‘Logan’ will have a post-credits scene after all

Photo via 20th Century Fox/YouTube


If you thought Logan was too gritty and mature for a post-credits sting, think again.

Collider reports that the theatrical release of Logan will include an extra scene either during or after the end credits.

This is pretty typical for a superhero movie, but many fans assumed Logan would be the exception. Despite its links to the X-Men franchise, it’s tonally more of a standalone movie and is being marketed as the conclusion to Hugh Jackman‘s 16-year stint as Wolverine.

Details of the post-credits scene are, of course, top secret. It wasn’t included at the early screenings for critics last week, but we can still speculate about what it involves. The most obvious possibility is a teaser for Deadpool 2, which is due out in 2018. However, 20th Century Fox could also use this opportunity to tease the future of the X-Men franchise, which will allegedly continue with a 1990s-era adaptation of the Dark Phoenix saga, starring Sophie Turner as Jean Grey.

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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