Up until now, we felt kind of “meh” about Krypton, Syfy’s upcoming Superman prequel series. With a dozen other superhero shows on the air right now,  it’s hard to get excited about an Inhumans lookalike starring another square-jawed TV hunk in a leather jacket. But Syfy just released a teaser video about Brainiac, and he looks genuinely cool.

Brainiac is a classic DC Comics villain, a green-skinned cyborg with links to Superman’s backstory. Since Krypton is about Superman’s grandfather, he’s a perfect fit. This featurette introduces Brainiac’s skull-shaped spaceship and some CGI-heavy scenes that suggest Krypton has a bigger budget than we thought. It also shows actor Blake Ritson in some seriously transformative makeup, giving him a real Supreme Leader Snoke vibe.

This is just the second time we’ve seen a live-action version of the character, following James Marsters’ disappointingly human-looking role in Smallville.

Krypton stars Cameron Cuffe as Superman’s grandfather Seg-El, fighting to regain his family honor. By introducing Adam Strange, a time traveler from present-day Earth, the trailer suggests he has closer ties to Superman than you expect. Seg-El seems to face a choice about Krypton’s future destruction, putting Superman’s Earthbound timeline in jeopardy.

Krypton begins on March 21.

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw is the U.K. wing of the Daily Dot's geek culture squad. She loves 'Hannibal,' the Marvel Cinematic Universe, weird conspiracy theories, and costume design and can be found elsewhere under the username HelloTailor.

Watch the full trailer for Syfy’s Superman prequel ‘Krypton’
The new trailer reveals Adam Strange, a man from Earth who time-travels back to the planet Krypton.
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