photos from a juggernaut cosplay

Photos via Bryan Doell/Facebook

People who build stuff like this are the real heroes.

There’s something truly thrilling about walking around a convention in a costume you poured hundreds of hours into and hearing fellow attendees squeal with delight.

This weekend at MegaCon, we’re pretty sure that one cosplayer is going to hear a lot of emphatic shouts of “Juggernaut!” After all, just look at the dude’s costume.

Yeah–like whoa. This amazing costume was created by Brian Doell, the guy behind BMP Props. The South Floridian’s Instagram is packed with incredible photos of the creation of Juggernaut, which he’s been hard at work on since early April.

From inception to completion, Doell’s process is fascinating. In order to keep the costume light, he worked with high-density, open-cell upholstery foam to sculpt the body. He also posted step-by-step progress photos on his Instagram as he worked.

Soon, Charles… Soon…

A photo posted by Bryan Doell (@bmp_props) on

Doell said on Instagram that he’s about 7-feet-2-inches tall in the finished suit. No word on what it weighs, but we contacted him to find out—although it may be a few days to hear back since he’s large and in charge at MegaCon. Wherever you are and whoever you’re impressing right now, Mr. Doell, we salute you.

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