‘Star Trek: Discovery’ will get its own comics and tie-in novels in 2017

CBS is keeping a tight lid on Star Trek: Discovery details, but this weekend’s Star Trek Mission convention revealed some exciting news for fans: The Star Trek universe will expand even further next year.

Like the previous Star Trek TV series, Discovery will be accompanied by tie-in novels and comics. During the show’s convention panel, screenwriter Kristen Beyer—herself a longtime Star Trek: Voyager novelist—confirmed that Discovery‘s comics will be published by IDW and the novels by Simon & Schuster.

Star Trek’s comics aren’t as well-known as the ever-expanding list of Marvel Star Wars comics, but the tie-in novels for previous Star Trek series are still going strong. Sci-fi author David Mack is writing the first Discovery book, continuing his long career of writing tie-ins for The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and original spinoff characters in the Star Trek universe.

IDW is bringing back an experienced creative team for its new line of Discovery comics: writer Mike Johnson and artist Tony Shasteen, both of whom worked on IDW’s recent tie-in series for the reboot movies.

The new books and comics are expected to arrive in early 2017, around the same time as Discovery season 1. This hints at a new direction for Star Trek’s tie-in material, whose canonicity is often debatable—unlike the Star Wars books, which are scrupulously checked for accuracy by the Lucasfilm Story Group. By publishing the Discovery books in conjunction with the show, fans may get a more coherent view of “official” Star Trek canon.

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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