‘Hannibal’ reimagined as a wacky Food Network show is pretty brilliant

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Don’t ask what kind of loin that is. 

The second season of Hannibal is over and if you watched the finale, you’re probably feeling pretty traumatized. It’s just too bad that watching Hannibal likely also put you off the idea of therapy.

Instead, why not try this lighthearted look at what Hannibal would be like as a reality TV show: “Hannibal’s Celebrity Kitchen.” Honestly, considering the number of cooking and eating scenes in this show, they could probably recut the two existing seasons to make a full-length reality series. But for the moment, here’s this surprisingly believable Food Network-format trailer, with Hannibal’s supporting cast re-characterized as “celebrity judges.”

This is actually pretty realistic. The only problem is, we find ourselves wondering what might happen to the judges who gave Hannibal a bad grade. That does seem rather rude, after all.

Photo via popwrapped/Tumblr

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