It doesn’t get any clearer than this.

George R. R. Martin, legendary author of the A Song Of Ice and Fire series that inspired award-winning TV series Game Of Thrones, has long been plagued with questions and “concerns” about his health. The 65-year old’s sedentary writing pace and apparently unhealthy weight has led some fans to fear that GRRM—as Martin is also known—could die before finishing the popular fantasy series.

Now, GRRM has a message for his detractors and their faux-concern, and it couldn’t be clearer: “Fuck you.”

Yes, really.

In an interview with Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger, the author gave the finger—quite literally—to those debating over the his mortality. “I fin that question pretty offensive frankly, when people start speculating about my death and my health. So ‘fuck you’ to those people.”

Watch the video here:

It’s easy to understand GRRM’s annoyance. If the speculators were genuinely concerned about his health, that’d be understandable, but it’s nakedly obvious that they’re only worried about one thing: That they get their fantasy fix and find out what happens to their favorite characters.

But in the event that GRRM does pass away before finishing, he’ll get the last laugh—ol’ George has left explicit instructions that no-one is to finish the series for him in the event of his death, snide critics be damned.

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Photo via Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons (CC 2.0)






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